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Sri Lanka Telecom slashes IDD rates by up to 86%

Thursday, 20 November 2008 - 11:06 AM SL Time

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Stay connected with cost effective quality reliable per second charging international calling facility

Sri Lanka Telecom, the nation s number one integrated communications service provider announced its reduced International Direct Dialing (IDD) charges for its valuable customers throughout the nation. SLT IDD services provide connectivity to the highest number of countries whilst having direct communication routes to more than 225 destinations.

Reduced IDD call charges

IDD calling charges have been reduced by up to 86% for Australia, Japan and European countries, up to 80% for all SAARC countries, up to 72% for Middle East countries, up to 71% for Russia and South East Asian countries and up to 45% for USA, Canada, Singapore, China, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

The lowest call charge will be Rs10/- per minute for countries such as USA, Canada, Singapore, China, Malaysia and Hong Kong. International call charges for all SAARC countries are reduced to Rs15/- per minute.

Uplifting society through connecting lives

As the largest external gateway operator in the country, SLT IDD services are designed to meet the communication needs of the business community, public services, social networking communication as well as migrant workers and their loved ones. With this tariff reduction, SLT will be in a position to enhance the capabilities of those communities by facilitating them in terms of quality, reliability and cost effective connectivity. Making IDD calls will now be more cost effective and convenient for customers, with the company taking great strides in further enabling interaction among relatives, family members and business communities in Sri Lanka as well as overseas.

SLT IDD offers

The service offers both post-paid and pre-paid choices through SLT telephones and SLT Passport pre-paid calling card respectively. With the opening up of IDD facilities to all SLT telephone connections including SLT Citylink CDMA, getting international calls are much more convenient than ever before. All post-paid customers will be able to enjoy PREMIUM IDD service. SLT Operator Assisted International Calls are offered to the customers without any deposit.

The SLT Passport pre-paid calling card is the most cost effective solution for international voice communication needs. It is also the only international calling card in the market which has coverage of all countries. This includes having access to IDD through any fixed line, pay phone or mobile, enabling you to call anyone in any part of the world.

• Associated Press

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Joined: Jun 2006
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LK Information  20 Nov 2008 09:09:32 GMT  Report for Abuse  
Sri Lanka Telecom slashes IDD rates by up to 86%

trying hard to face competition.. when airtel hits the local market more rates will go down... it is good that phone companies wont be able to hold a monopoly in SL... the consumers will get the maximum benefit out of this...
Senior Member

Joined: Dec 2004
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LK Information  20 Nov 2008 09:41:54 GMT  Report for Abuse  

This is free market
Joined: Nov 2007
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LK Information  20 Nov 2008 12:53:50 GMT  Report for Abuse  
He He He, what about the Local call charges. These guys should bring it down too.. Else one day, the people will hand over all their connections and switch to another network when it offers a free switching facility while keeping the number. SLT it is your time to take decisions
Senior Member

Joined: Jul 2007
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LK Information  25 Nov 2008 06:34:03 GMT  Report for Abuse  
We have discuss this also in Zaha's page.....

anyway,,, the final bill will be the same.... direct tax and indirect tax on the actual bill, the tax on it, and the tax on the totall.......etc,,, will bring the bill to a greater level.....
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