Sri Lanka Eastern University to be developed

  • 4 Nov 2008 20:09:13 GMT

    These are encouraging statements.

    Developing universities, promoting tourism, building better roads, improving hospitals, job creation, promoting peace and harmony are essential for easteners having suffered from 25 year destruction from the LTTE.

    These issues are poisonous for the LTTE. As VP had said publically , their main intention was to make tamils suffer for the benefit of the LTTE. Hence they kidnapped kids, destroyed education, created utter fear, destroyed industries and tourism,

    allowed tamils to open mouth only to eat, no jobs/investment, no new roads/ hospitals/infastructure, not a panadol or a grain of rice despite collecting billions, even stolen tsunami money etc etc.

    NO wonder they were the sole representatives in hell !

    Surely tamils deserve better atleast now!

  • 5 Nov 2008 03:41:18 GMT

    [College of Education on Peace ]

    When I wrote to the University around mid this year - about Management course which included Human Rights & Equal Opportunity issues - they failed to respond. But in North - Jaffna College has entered into an agreement for a Distance Management Course. Jaffna College was seeking and Eastern University was not. Hence I conclude that this is a goverment initiative to `show` others.

    In addition to the above, relative to Mankerni in Batticalao, Sangarathai in North is more enthusiastic and enterprising in relation to Education on Human Values.

  • 5 Nov 2008 11:58:46 GMT

    [Initial plans have already been mooted in this respect. At a discussion today, Mr. Rajapaske said 100 million rupees will be immediately provided for the improvement of the Eastern University. The discussion was held with the management of this University. It was agreed to grant 25 million rupees within the next few weeks. The funds will be used to provide hostel facilities, develop the Karadiyanaru Farm and for other development activities. The funds will be granted via the Nation Building Ministry under the Eastern Resurgence programme. The Trincomalee campus will be also be developed. It was revealed at the discussion the plans to set up the College of Education on Peace next year, the Post Degree Management Faculty in 2010 and the Engineering Faculty in 2012. Minister Prof. Vishwa Warnapala and Parliamentarian Vinayagamoorthi Muralitharan were also present.]

    Lets hope the other sectors in the east will be developed as well.. also they should not forget that make the east universities multi ethnic.... even though there were murders of Sinhalese there.. the GOSL should make sure that they give ample security.... at the same time creating a peaceful environment in the east is important. Specially countering terrorism...and making it safe for everybody....

  • 7 Nov 2008 06:04:29 GMT

    I think developin easten Uni is not worthy compared to the development of other uni`s in sri lanka,.

    b cause all the students in easten unis are nw tamil 1s. and they willnot work or settle down here after thier graduation. so country spend more money on them will be a big lost in the future.

  • 7 Nov 2008 07:09:35 GMT

    [so country spend more money on them will be a big lost in the future.]

    If the country does not spend money on them - the Sri Lankan status and economy will go down even more.

  • 7 Nov 2008 08:11:11 GMT

    [Basil Rajapakse is desirous of upgrading the Eastern University to the standard of other Universities]

    Has he ever been to a university at least to shield himself from the rain?!

    I feel he sees the prospects of the number of 10% he can get in the endeavour more than anything else!