JVP thanks Sri Lanka Govt. for abrogating CFA

  • 9 Jan 2008 09:01:00 GMT

    [But some had depicted the agreement as a panacea for all ills]

    Abrogating is not a panacea as well.

    [The biggest joke, as now we can see, is that none of these so called gains were new and nothing positive had been achieved through this move]

    Biggest joke is, these guys hide behind pseudo-patriotism to cover their incapabilities. Solutions to ethnic problem aside, they are even unable to reduce corruption and provide solutions to develop the economy. No mention of Mervyn Silva either, apart from blaming it on the open economy - the biggest joke!

  • 9 Jan 2008 12:02:55 GMT

    JVP thanks Sri Lanka Govt.for abrogating CFA..

    Now a days Mahida Rajapaksa is very badly trapped by the JVP `Shot Gun Terrorists`..

    No escape from the JVP circle,if he go against them,they will withdraw their support and send `Mahinda Chindana` home..

    This is coming from the mouth of Weera-monkey, black & white..

    JVP put a pad-lock in Mr`s mouth,only he can use his mouth when eating,not to talk against JVP...

    There is no easy passage for Mahinda to get out from the JVP clutch!!

    JVP is planning for another `shot Gun Rebellion soon..

    This is their Long term plan..

    They are moving step by step..

    Because they have short of trained fighters,(only they got some idi.ts can talk only)they want eliminate the Armed forces first..

    Only way to do this..

    Make a knot between Mahinda and LTTE..

    In other word,we can call this,third party benefits..

    This is the reason they are encouraging the Mahinda government to fight against LTTE,though JVP clearly knew that LTTE cannot be defeated..

    They are planning to capture the government,by using LTTE.

    Most of the `Moda``Paksa`donkeys do not understand this..

    Almost 100,000 young people were killed by the JVP `terrorists`..

    until now there is no any Justice for this..

    If it happens in another civilized part of the world,the story will be different..

    Most of the JVP leaders like Somawansa,must be tried for war crimes, like Charles Tailor and the Pol-Pot regime..

    Most of their atrocities still remembered by the people in Kandy area..

    In one incident there were three Muslim youth shot dead by the JVP in front of `Maligawa`

    Another occasion,a high ranking army officer with his family massacred by JVP, and they were not allowed to carry the dead body as normal human beings..

    Still there are parents in Kandy area crying for their children killed by the JVP shot gun Hero`s..

    The funny thing is,the people who commit this crimes still roaming around Kandy city without any fear or shame..

    How many Transformers and government properties like public buses were destroyed by this idi.ts?

    After killing thousands of people..

    Is the JVP is forgiven,,because they are in the Democratic path Now???

    Because of their foolish ideology,Sri Lanka lost billions..

    Simply saying JVP main idea is to destroy the Sri Lankan armed forces by means of LTTE and Rajapaksa coolies..

    So,they can achieve their goal very easily..

    This is their plan..Mahinda Mama cannot understand this..

    Why Somawansa still holding the British Passport and hiding under the sarong of Wimal Weerawansa???

    Because Somawansa is a `War Criminal` more than Charles Tailor``

    He must be handed over to Hague to try for `Crimes against Humanity..

    Mahinda and his brothers do not worry about anything other than filling their personnel fortune..

    But Mr.should remember,Wimal Weerawansa is holding a knife over his head.....

    Any time it can fall straight away..

  • 9 Jan 2008 13:59:47 GMT


    You are utterly wrong about the JVP,and I politely beg to differ.I too was threatened by them in 1989.I will forgive them but not forget them.Saying that,what choice do we have in SL? It would be very unfortunate,if they take up arms,once again and their voter base will diminish.They have stayed with their mandate,fighting corruption and government waste and opposing crooks and thugs pole volting from party to party and their firm stand against terrorists strikes a cord with us and local Brits.They seem to think that,strangely they have something common with the JVP,making strange bed fellows with the people here.Examples are They are patriotic,honest and dedicated to their post,will not tolerate terrorism,a united country, wantan un corrupt government and lastly having a realistic distance from religion and history exaggerated culture.They may follow the way China is doing business in their country today.They are still young,still learning,highly principled,sticking to it passionately.I thing they could be a breath of fresh air and I am not a member but a curious on looker trying to find the best way to solve our problems with in a united and peaceful island.I will not condone a bunch of thugs in the south or a bunch of terrorists in the north to rule the country of my birth.There is room for all of us,if we decide to live,respeting oneanother.

  • 10 Jan 2008 02:57:17 GMT

    JVP will try to bring down MR,which will divide JVP also.

    Abrogating CFA at this time not making ground to anyone.

    simply underlining war against terror.

    JVP trying cheap publicity,without any proper motives.

  • 10 Jan 2008 05:07:28 GMT

    4) Both successfully screwed UNP reducing them to a laughing stock, one at the 2005 Presidential Elections and the other at the recent Budget :)

  • 10 Jan 2008 14:58:08 GMT

    Now LTTE is crying that they want the CFA badly and they will stick to it by 100%.

    What about a new CFA?