No development possible till terrorism wiped out - PM

  • 3 Jan 2008 05:31:30 GMT

    Hi Prime Minister,

    What a beautiful reason to hide all the inefficiencies of the Government.

    Make peace, Love and respect with enemy and they will be in your hands. This is the way you can make history and resolve all the miseries of both Sinhala and Tamil humanity.

    Till that time you and right Hon. Gautama Rajapakse can make hay in the sunshine building all the castles in the foreign lands and let the people suffer.


  • 3 Jan 2008 07:22:50 GMT

    Nowhere in the world the terrorism totally wiped out from their countries.Time to time it lift his ugly head to terrorize the public.

    So Mr. PM no development ever will happen in our poor Sri Lanka. Is that what you meant ?I mean as long as you guys in power ??

  • 3 Jan 2008 07:57:10 GMT

    [No development possible] as long as an incompetent, old and nonsense-uttering man like me is the PM of Slanka.

  • 3 Jan 2008 08:23:13 GMT

    [No development possible till terrorism wiped out ? PM]

    This includes devolution of power too.

    So wipe out all Terrorist Tamils or chase them out from this soil.

  • 3 Jan 2008 09:00:01 GMT

    Quite correct

    How can there be development with terrorism

  • 3 Jan 2008 10:51:33 GMT

    This is a good excuse.


    Good analysis. I think he was referring to SLRC staff on people taking law in to their hands. When the officers fail to enforce the law it is inevitable that people will take it in to their hands.

  • 3 Jan 2008 19:33:04 GMT

    [He requested his staff to see that some vegetables were grown in addition to flowers in the compound of the Prime Minister`s Office. ]

    Poor staff - what can they do but grow flowers and vegetables! The JVP & JHU have taken over all their jobs of managing the country.

    Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam - Australian Tamil

  • 4 Jan 2008 00:29:51 GMT

    In the interim politicians there families and cronies and drug dealers will lineup up there pockets.

  • 4 Jan 2008 02:17:10 GMT

    [Until we wipe out terrorism from our country we will not be able to develop our country]

    But Terrorism does not prevent the Ministers and govt MPs from developing their bodies horizontally!

    It may not be a bad idea for the MPs to declare their vital statistics instead of their assets before they take their seats in Parliament!!

  • 4 Jan 2008 02:29:40 GMT

    [He requested his staff to see that some vegetables were grown in addition to flowers in the compound of the Prime Minister`s Office.]

    What will happen to the vegetables when they are ready for the pluck?

    Better idea. Plant the vegetables in the vast Parliament garden and get the MPs to water them taking turns. At least they will make a productive contribution to the sumptuous food they get at cut-rate prices in the Parliament restaurant!

    It will also keep their bulging waist-lines in check!!