`KP` triggers fresh dispute

  • 29 Sep 2007 17:10:25 GMT

    Record high inflation rates and the ever increasing cost of living has driven more than 24 000 unemployed Sinhalese to join the Sri Lankan military, according to Military Spokesman Udaya Nanayakkara.

    Additional events such as the so called sinking of three Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) arms vessels on the day the recruitments commenced also helped recruit larger than expected numbers into the Sri Lanka Navy (SLN), according to the same spokesperson.

    According to civil activists, increased awareness of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases during and after the regional HIV conference in Colombo have also helped several hundred southerners make the switch from prostitution to the military.

    Several hundreds formerly employed in the country`s crippled tourist industry have also signed up to the military to feed their children, civil activists say.

  • 29 Sep 2007 19:35:00 GMT


    Hello friend...... bread has to go up in price as wheat flour has dramaticallly gone up in price due to crop failure in australia.

    Why blame anyone......

    we need to be self sufficient in agriculture to feed the nation.

    Super powers are in serch of oil.... Stocks are suppose to deplete soon..... That is why they are quiet on Burma because of their gas reserves.

    Don`t turn these short comings to political advantage...

  • 29 Sep 2007 20:16:30 GMT

    Heres another economic shock for Srilanka.

    The Bread went up in Price because `crop failieurs in Aussie`

    MR went with a Jumbo delegation and spend Millions because of buffalo pooping in Timbaktu!! )


    [Procedural blunders and diplomatic faux pas seem the highlights of President Mahinda Rajapaksa?s visit to United States to address the UN General Assembly in New York last week. That was with a Sri Lanka delegation whose latest count topped 65 members.

    Most of them stayed in the luxurious Ritz Carlton Hotel in New York. Later, a part of the delegation flew to Los Angeles. They lived at the Peninsula Beverly Hills Hotel in the fashionable Beverly Hills area. There the cost of a room is US $ 600 per night with the Presidential Suite costing US $ 4000 per night.]

    Royal treatment for the PUNNAKKU Raja!! :) MILLIONS come to listen to the so called `GREAT SPEECH of the Punnakku Raja` :)


    [President Mahinda Rajapaksa and first lady Shiranthi, who arrived at the Kennedy International Airport in New York were not received by anyone from the United Nations, the United States Government or even by a local authority representative. This was the case when they arrived in Los Angeles too. Instead on hand to receive them were Sri Lankan diplomatic staff and their families in both cities.]

    [The delegation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was pruned down to just one in order to accommodate others. Most of the members of the Sri Lanka delegation (around 65 at the last count) failed to show up at the UN. They were out on private jaunts ? to Niagara Falls, Atlantic City casinos, visiting long lost friends, relatives, keeping appointments for medical checks or simply going on sight seeing tours ? all at taxpayer?s expens]

    [When he was asked at the UN press conference about the strength of the Sri Lankan delegation, Foreign Minister, Rohita Bogollagama cut it down to 39. ?Do you think it is too high?, he asked an American reporter who fired the question at him. Still, Bogollagama unwittingly gave the whoe show away. ?When I walked down the corridors of the UN,? he told the reporter, I was thinking we were invisible in this environment.? No truer words were spoken. Yes, the Sri Lankan delegation was ?invisible? because most of the so-called delegates who came on the junket never turned up at the UN at all. Visibility was thus zero. ]

    [This was clearly evident when President Rajapaksa spoke as there were a very high number of ?blue? (empty) seats.]

    [While much is said about the expenses in NY, LA too has cost a thumping sum but without any official significance. In New York, it was carnival time at the Ritz Carlton Hotel where the 65 delegates were holed up. Despite a handsome per diem allowance by the Government everyone was told they could charge their meals, phone calls, laundry and entertainment to the room bill. This naturally facilitated the delegates to pocket their allowances (which are meant for incidental expenses). A couple flew in from London at the eleventh hour to join the delegation could not find accommodation at the Hotel.]

  • 7 Oct 2007 03:00:56 GMT

    Mr defense minister

    I am glad that you are a great money maker. You are pretty equel to the vice president. Do you have enough money to defend your self at the international court????????????

  • 7 Oct 2007 03:07:31 GMT

    [Do you have enough money to defend your self at the international court????????????]

    International court will be `dedicated` to Bush and Chany for next twenty years.

    Silly idiots do not see their own mistakes when they go to USA:)

    Politicians of USA are the biggest human rights violaters in the world.

    Keep your `IC` for US politicians!


  • 7 Oct 2007 10:15:16 GMT


    What are you actually talking about?

    If he is going to the ICJ , Sri Lanka will be asking ICJ to prosecute Velu before that.

    All Sri Lankans will contribute to the trial(if there is any) of Current Defence Secy.

    Be happy man.