Rs. 250mn hovercraft a white elephant

  • 10 Sep 2007 15:00:06 GMT

    It is pity the govts. spend people,s money as how they feel and one thing is sure that all these people want to fill their pockets instead and blame the other side how good they are in spending.

    This is a fun show in SL for adults.Sri Lankan Bugs Bunny show created by Runil Wick and UNP keep onn trying to topple the elected Govt. and fail every time.


  • 11 Sep 2007 04:13:14 GMT

    That white Elephant..........

    Who ordered it and why ???????

    Take the people concerned to task. Including those evaluation/tech committees and those signatories that approved such purchase.

    Send them letters to show cause why they should not be chared or charged?

    Now is the time to handover to the Chief Justice.. He appears to be in a belligerent mood ...

    We could hear another couple of people fainting in courts.

  • 11 Sep 2007 10:48:51 GMT

    If there are `no buyers` for this poor choice of a military conveyance for a Navy attack force .. we should be looking for alternative uses for it. It may still come in `handy` for traverse over soft (or marshy) ground .. and perhaps should be held in `reserve` for such purpose.

    Other uses ..

    * Put it to use as `Ferry Boat` from Talaimannar to Dhanuskodi

    * There may be an application for it in `mine clearance` operations .. because of its `low pressure` foot-print. Deserves further investigation

  • 11 Sep 2007 11:34:15 GMT

    [I think Mig27 will join this list very wonder minister of Power (electricity) will hold a press meeting tomorrow and state that hovercraft (A 530) is one of the most reliable and powerful crafts in the world now....I don`t know why UNP is bringing these rumors to public and misleading them and cause headace to the government..heheheeh..very funny.....hope these public money eating monsters will disappear from our island]

  • 11 Sep 2007 12:33:40 GMT

    BRING the war to an end , teach a lesson to the corrupted thug politicians and the military hierarchies , put them behind bars so they will not enjoy the money they have stolen from public .

  • 11 Sep 2007 14:08:53 GMT

    [..and state that hovercraft (A 530) is one of the most reliable and powerful crafts in the world ]If it is from Vosper Thorneycroft, then there is a pedigree to it. It will be a `practical` machine .. though un-suited for our purposes. Am totally with those who demand an Enquiry .. as to why such an expensive item should have been recommended for purchase ? .. and why it was purchased ?

    However, if we are `stuck` with it .. it is sensible to find alternate uses for it, instead of allowing it to `rot`.

    If it had been purchased as an `assault craft` (for transporting navy personnel in the `forward` area) .. then `poor judgement` is evident. But it may have application in the movement of troops, and military logistics in the `rear area` .. say from ship to shore (after securing a `beach-head`).

    (Agreed .. mean-while proceed against those who`d squandered `good money`).

  • 11 Sep 2007 14:15:26 GMT

    [I think Mig27 will join this list very soon...]

    That`s just a stupid comment! If the Mig-27 is actually useless, why are the LTTE trying so hard to bring them down? Without the Migs none of the successes in the East would have been possible.