50 million rupees worth fishing gear dished out to fishermen

  • 14 Aug 2007 13:06:41 GMT

    AJAN you better go to DUNGEON

  • 14 Aug 2007 20:52:27 GMT

    Ajan thambi, so you are describing me.

    Tamil-Nadu to Illankai expansion = profit maximization,

    Madras seapoys to global expansion = profit maximization,

    Selfish determination to credit card extortion = prof max.,

    Tamil killing eelaam to child abduction = pr. max..,

    Tiger terrorism killing Norway Tamils = pr max..,

    Tamil business in Lanka = millions $$$

    No sinhala and muslim $$$ in -Tamil eelaam

    Thinking Bramah, doing kuppa = profit maximizatiion..!

    Karuna has no case, only my case,

    Soosai has no case, only my case,

    My case only case, what case pi case,