Rupee fifth worst performer among world`s 180 currencies

  • 29 Jul 2007 23:11:16 GMT

    Printing more bank notes so that more will be in circulation is the preferred method of MR. It pays back.

    In the FT of London 100s of currencies and their performaces are given, nowhere Sri Lanka or its currecy rupee is mentioned, why? This is total discrimanation of this country. Singapore is much smaller but its stock market performace, companies and curreny are well covered.

  • 29 Jul 2007 23:53:22 GMT

    Once again this is Proof of the BETTER ECONOMIC MANAGEMENT skills of our `Great Patriot` and `Super Worrier` SRI ROHANA PUNNAKKU Rala!! :) :)

    Jayaweewa!!! :)

  • 30 Jul 2007 00:05:01 GMT

    Sajith Premedasas says....

    He said, during his father?s time, if a foundation stone was laid for a project, it has never stopped without completion. But, now foundation stones are laid only to dupe the People. Hambantota Port and District development, as well as the Weerawila Airport are now standing as foundation stones only.

    [During the UNP reign, if there is a slight increase in prices, there were hypocritical champions of the cause of the poor who carried placards and shouted hoarse at the Lipton circus.]

    Now , when the c. o. l has shot sky high, people are starving, prices of essential goods being raised every day and open corruption, these heroes of the poor have become Zeros, unable even to protest as they are only faithful to their double dealing policies.

    People realize their mistake too late ,only when their stomachs are starving, hearts are aching with burdens ,and their mouths are gagged unable to talk thinking of their own folly in electing this despotic , corrupt and outrageously lying Rajapakses Govt., exhorted Sajith Premadasa

  • 30 Jul 2007 01:35:41 GMT

    Don`t worry GoSL hooters, the Rupee will soon be the number one performer in another role....that of toilet paper!

  • 30 Jul 2007 05:05:39 GMT

    This is no news. Those who know knew already. I am just curious, what are the first four, which are worse than our RuPEE/

  • 30 Jul 2007 05:10:28 GMT

    [This is no news. Those who know knew already. I am just curious, what are the first four, which are worse than our RuPEE/]

    I can guess two.. Ethiopia and Somalia.. I guess Sudan, Congo could be in there too?

  • 30 Jul 2007 08:07:08 GMT

    Glad with all the trouble.

    30 years of war still plus GDP thanks to LTTE.

  • 30 Jul 2007 12:40:38 GMT

    No wonder! ? SL govt diplomats sumggle, others electronics through their containers. you tell us about money. check your own corruption by your own diplomats who eat tax money of poor people of sri lanka. if you want, check container from sri lanka embassy sweden next month. this is only a one example.