Independence Day-like ceremonies to mark liberation of East

  • 15 Jul 2007 01:47:33 GMT

    TRAITOR RANIL has attacked the historic Victory of the Forces in the East......

    Lifelong UNP`ers are Protesting Against TRAITOR RANIL outside `Sirikotha` and expressing Solidarity with the Troops and the Govt......

    Lifelong UNP`ers are disowning TRAITOR RANIL / ANUS-AM leadership of UNP(Traitor Ranil Faction)


    Is this the `Mangala Magic` you promised????

  • 15 Jul 2007 06:59:19 GMT

    Of course we should mark this historic occasion with a ceremony. Nothing too extravagant, I hope. Just a little bash to rub it into the SWETs` faces! Leave the real partying for when the north is also liberated from terrorism.

  • 15 Jul 2007 07:52:41 GMT

    Victory is good but do we need such show off at this point? Are we ready to take the war to the next level? It`s better to stay focus than doing something like this.

  • 15 Jul 2007 20:23:50 GMT


    Sinhalese what are you going to celebrate? To mark liberation of east? Pooh!

    We got our land back that is all. There is nothing to celebrate. Use those captured LTTErs as slaves to develop East. Later take all Tamils as slaves to develop the whole country.

    Use Pakaran and Thamala Selvam as oxen to plow paddy fields which they have destroyed.



    `Later take all Tamils as slaves to develop the whole country. `

    This makes it clear we still have some living up the trees in Sri Lankan.

    This poor racist made the lost lives of the brave Sri Lankan solders a worthless cause!

    - some racist in Sri lanka -

  • 16 Jul 2007 01:11:23 GMT

    I just wanted to give my congratulations to the Sri Lankan forces for the miltary success in the East of the country. I am a British citizen (no real Sri Lanka connections apart from previously having a SL girlfriend - I currently planning to move to SL from the UK to start a business) who wishes the people of SL all my love. I really hope SL will see peace soon so that your wonderful people can start rebuilding a successful new Sri Lanka.

  • 16 Jul 2007 02:07:56 GMT

    Good Idea, another public holiday in a year. I think it will be called ``Maha Veerayo Dina``.