Govt. does not want peace: LTTE

  • 13 Jul 2007 11:23:12 GMT

    Threats, Threats and never ending THREATS!

    Why did they lose so many cadres in Thoppigala if it was

    not important at all? Why leave vehicles and MBR`s etc.?

    Who is the idiot trying to fool?

    As for the ambassador, did he really go all that way just

    so `Good bye and Good luck? He must be really happy to go home leaving all this peace work.

    [Govt. does not want Peace:LTTE]???? What ? It is the LTTE who

    does not want Peace. They don`t know the meaning of Peace.

    Not in this their dictionary!

  • 13 Jul 2007 13:08:24 GMT

    LTTE also has some world-class jesters, don`t they?

    `Govt does not want peace`

    As if they (LTTE) are craving for it.

  • 13 Jul 2007 20:19:53 GMT

    OVER last 30 yrs. when did LTTE want peace?

    Peace was at the end of finger tips during the UNP discussions and who deprived of people voting???????

    Why putting a snake in to the pocket and crying biting, biting !!

    Can you remember when peace talks were held the many many excuses they gave..

    ..... we want air force transport to have a meeting...... no no we want a navy escort..... then they wanted a sea plane.... then a helicopter... just to have a meeting HA ha Ha

    .... then went to Geneva and did not want to talk to govt. delegation.....

    Karuna says

    -VP was never interested in peace. CFA was agreed to have some normality to send his kids abroad! Supremely selfish !

    Mr Peter Voke- Times defence analyst says if not for VP , Sri Lanka will have peace.

    How true !

    This man lives to kill and kills to live. He does not know the meaning of PEACE !

  • 13 Jul 2007 20:40:53 GMT

    Norwegians play a double game in the peace talks in Sri lanka. That is why GOSL does not have any interest in peace talks. Every occation we started peace talks LTTE used it to kill military and political leaderships in Sri Lanka, started purchasing military hardware, tarnished the image of the country, made use the opportunity to send thier cardre, friends and relatives to foreign countries as either refugees or visitors.

    If military forces starts marching towards Wanni puppet leadrs like Rasiah Illentheriyan, Prabha, Pottu amma, Tamil chelwan will run away or escape to a safer country.

    Military forces have determined to infiltrate LTTE controlled areas in the North. Wanni will be another Toppigala in next year.

  • 13 Jul 2007 21:54:34 GMT

    [Govt. does not want peace: LTTE ]

    LTTE badly need peace these days.

    LTTE showed their willingness for peace in the recent past

    by killing Gen. Parami Kulatunge, attempting to kill Sarath Fonseka, closing water supply to Mahavilaaru, bringing 1000 kgs of C4 (merely for peace)

    So GOSL may be trying to give the peace they look for.

    I mean

    [[`REST IN PEACE`]]

  • 13 Jul 2007 21:56:03 GMT

    Why should will VP want peace ?




    means prosperity, jobs, freedom of movement, democracy, education for kids,better living, tourism, buildings, industry, tamils smiling again etc etc.

    He surely does not want tamils to enjoy above


    he surely will not want to share power through democracy with all other tamils whom he tried to destroy over 30 yrs!

    For him


    He will let every tamil die for his dream rather than peace !

  • 14 Jul 2007 00:37:49 GMT

    [Govt. does not want peace]

    stating the bleeding obvious!`ve to be an oxymoron not to know it.

  • 14 Jul 2007 03:40:55 GMT

    [Govt. does not want peace: LTTE]

    No. The govt just doesn`t want you terrorists. And neither do we.

  • 14 Jul 2007 04:28:44 GMT

    1. Govt. does not want peace:- LTTE

    2. Western worlds DO NOT allow us to carry out our holly wars FREELY :- Al-Quada.


  • 14 Jul 2007 11:24:36 GMT

    Peace is merely a word used by both sides.One needs two hands to clap.

    There were so many Peace meeting and negotiation for over

    thiry years, no outcome.This word means, giving a time break to LTTE, to re-organize,re-arm, abduct children and so on to fight for their power and money hungry dictator.

    So lets forget this Peace pact or negotiations and start the cleaning.