Story of postgraduate education as told by two dons

  • 7 Jul 2007 05:51:35 GMT

    Unfortunately our universities are working on very old syllabus and students do not have current knowledge to work with world communities. I think we must introduce private universities to compete with state run universities like in other countries.

  • 10 Jul 2007 02:28:58 GMT

    Some discussionom what our universities are very important.

    Again, our universities still teach the same old syllabus. Universities should adopt to the changing world.

    We need foreigntraining inorder to prevent inbreeding. Again, foreign scholerships and training are also cheap labour for foreign countries to solve their problems with our brains.

    Instead, some of that intellectual power should be used to solve the countries problems in the form of masters and PhDs.

    SL universities also have to introduce more degrees with different goals.

    there are so many things to change.

    Political parties also must give up thuggery rampant in the universities.

    there are so many problems to address.

  • 10 Jul 2007 09:19:19 GMT

    [William A. Ward?author, editor and teacher?famously said, `The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.` The vast majority of school and university teachers in this country only `tell`, those who `explain` and `demonstrate` are in the minority and those who `inspire` are something of a rarity. How can there be `inspirational guidance` for students in universities]

    Where does our good Pera fit in these models the telling, explaining, demostrating or the inspiring?

    I would say somewhere between telling and explaining.

    However, leaving Pera aside, I believe the reason for low edcuation level in our Uni is the JVP thugs. Secondly, not having private Unis. JVP is the number one culprit and must be wiped out from the face of the earth.

  • 10 Jul 2007 09:20:46 GMT


    [Where does our good Pera fit in these models the telling, explaining, demostrating or the inspiring?

    I would say somewhere between telling and explaining. ]

    I inspire my students!



  • 10 Jul 2007 23:09:12 GMT

    [But, how can university dons, most of whom are hirelings of NGOs, conduct academic research? `The NGO-based research,` Prof. Warnapala says, `is yet another reason for the decline in postgraduate research in our universities.` How true! The number of academics prostituting themselves to various external organisations, lured by dosh, is evidently on the rise. Some of them are allegedly not even available in their universities. ]

    This is not uncommon in Australia. Money has pushed out status. Hence these universities are becoming more business enterprises rather than academic institutions. The higher material benefit in such institutions is status. One needs people for such status. East is rich in people and west is rich in money. The more we rely on west - the more businesslike we become - especially when we go global through democracy.

    Democracy helps us become equals and therefore `share`. But when abused it results in reverse administration and that is damaging.

    Sri Lanka has to recognize its reality and do the best it can to merge the two powers and not blindly follow one or the other - the old vertical system or the new money system.

    Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam from Australia

  • 11 Jul 2007 07:36:10 GMT

    Only 7 posts so far!!

    Pera, the good academic, tell me why this article has not generated much interest among the forum members. Does that mean Slankans don`t care about the quality of education they are receiving or they don`t have time to care about anything other than their belly.

  • 11 Jul 2007 13:17:38 GMT

    JVP is fully responsible this. I don`t know why Minister Warnapala crying foul now as they who embrace JVP outside the univsersites for thier political gains. What hypocrites.

    We are a nation with many lost opportunities. Thanks to JVP we lost our chance to sell higher education (like India, Pakistan, Malysia, etc. doing) and bring repute and foreign exchange to the country. We could have been a center of higher education in south asia.

    Down with JVP! Let us not vote for any party or person associated with JVP (that included people like CBK and MR) and save our universities and country from JVP.

    Let us practice what we preach.

  • 11 Jul 2007 20:45:05 GMT

    The country needs educational reforms in the first place.

    Only the PGIM (Post graduate institute of medicine )was at least able to slow down the brain drain, by giving post graduate specialized training in the medical field to doctors.

  • 12 Jul 2007 05:41:49 GMT

    JVP is responsible for the drop of standards which has reached pathetic levels in our unis...

    also the govt is also responsible to some extent that it has not identified the issues of improvement of the unis and has not planned for the future...

    private unis should be allowed to be set up and the Jvp should be `kicked in the but` if someone has serious thoughts of developing the country...