SLFP won`t hesitate to seek Mangala`s return - WDJ

  • 6 Jul 2007 00:10:44 GMT

    ANUS-AM says,

    I Quote:

    `remember reading somewhere that in most societies, upto 10% of the population could be gay (weather they admit it or not is different issue). Being homosexual is a Genetic mutation and this Mutation could happen in upto 10% of the population.

    Now that RW and Mangala have got together, all gay votes will go to UNP/SLFP (M)...

    As i said earlier - Gay or no gay - Sending the BRAIN DEAD BUFFALO back to the water hole he came from is PRIORITY NUMBER ONE!!`

    End Quote....

    It`s so pathetic to watch ANUS-AM, in utter desperation he has finally come out of the closet!! and Justified Homosexuality.....`Genetic Mutation??` ---Bull Crap!!This is the argument used by most Anal Puggers like defend Gays....

    Any way if 10% of people are GAY then there may be some SLFP MP`s who are GAY....Please ANUS-AM give them all NASA membership and take them rightaway.....They will be much happier in the ANUS-AM/Mangala/Traitor Ranil Camp....We can dissolve parliament and Go for General Elections if required....No problem at all...

    Anyway Politically speaking your strategy of Attracting GAY voters to the UNP(Traitor Ranil/ANUS-AM Faction) is a good one for Traitor Ranil.....Congratulations!


    If ANUS-AM can attract the 10% Gay Voters into the UNP(Traitor Ranil/ANUS-AM faction), then TRAITOR RANIL`s UNP group will defeat the TNA at the next elections and get third place in Parliament.....

  • 7 Jul 2007 01:23:46 GMT

    Hi Gamiyaa,

    There is no need to call names to any of the members and attack them here personally, unless you are so depressed due to any mental disoders within yourself.

    I am a new member and unfortunately started looking at this posts and it was so disturbing to me. Firstly, this sort of idiots should be banned from posting to this site any more. It is of no use in these posts since it tells all about the person`s background than the matter itself. I think you need some kind of rest mentally and my advice would be to be away from news (whether it is news papers, tv or any sort) and definitely from Internet too.

    Since you said you are in Sri Lanka and in a rural area, why not concentrate on peddy field work? I doubt with this cow-boy attitude whether you could be farmer too. So, definitely not a memebr to discuss the political issues here :)

    Hey the Other Guys,


    This is the Godaya attitude of most of our Sri Lankans that has put our country so much behind. I think we need to think if we should continue the same attitude. Definitely guys, as I said earlier, if this guy is a sufferer of any kind of psychological effects, we must forgive him and block him from the site.


    Please correct yourself and I hope you would be a better boy in your future posts.


  • 7 Jul 2007 01:36:29 GMT

    It is interesting to see Anizam and gamiya battle here. Most of the time they both use same language. Hmm.. to be impartial new member gamyaa should advice Anizam also