Protest against closure of two factories

  • 28 Jun 2007 22:18:41 GMT

    SL economy is in Critical state. That is why this war has to stop and the economy managed properly. If not we are all Capothi... _ylt=Ak9Cyjx78y9o6NRlKiIgWZctM8oA

    COLOMBO (AFP) - Sri Lankan exporters are being squeezed as fewer container ships heading west call into Colombo, with global shipping lines moving more business to India and its booming economy.


    Shipping costs have soared nearly 600 dollars for a standard 20-foot container (TEU) over the past six months as a result, compounding problems for Sri Lankan exporters who compete on price, innovation and time with their large northern neighbour.

    `Some of the bigger shipping lines have changed their schedules over the past six months and the crisis is affecting exports of garments, tea, rubber and coir (coconut fibre),` said Sri Lanka Shipper`s Council chairman Jayanath Perera.