More Tigers surrender to security forces

  • 26 Jun 2007 09:47:51 GMT

    [so get rid of them]

    Aney ehema kiyanna epaa.....

    Get these people to rebuild all damaged Bridges and buildings to save money on labour.Maybe build their own

    high security prison & rehabilitation camp as well.

  • 26 Jun 2007 11:11:16 GMT

    May they have a better life in the future !

    Great Souls !

  • 26 Jun 2007 11:11:30 GMT

    The source: The Island.

    The Asiatribune is the other source that propagate Sinhala Buddhist extremism.

  • 26 Jun 2007 16:29:35 GMT

    This guys are victims of praba`s useless war. GOSL should give them full support to come to the normal lifes

  • 26 Jun 2007 18:49:07 GMT

    These 659 LTTE cadres are very smart.

    After all what is the point in loosing their life for a idiotic, supremely selfish, unrealistic manic depressive whose main intention is to


    ( as he had said in LTTE passing out parade in 2000)

    I wonder how this man became a leader of tamils as no human being want to see another human suffer. He is the biggest traitor of tamils will ever have.

    Is this a mis interpretation?

    OH, no.....

    In 1984, the day before he detonated a bomb in Jaffna market he had said


    Prof. James Jupp of Australia had said

    `This man is a pathological killer`

    Karuna in a interview had said

    `VP gets saddistic satisfaction when people get killed`

    Recent news paper article says

    `VP wants tamils to be WEAK so that he can be strong`

    We all know that he was very unhappy during the CFA when he saw the economic regeneration, jobs, peace, tourism etc etc

    So, why should tamils waste their lives for this mad man who is only fit to live in a psychiatric unit !!!

  • 26 Jun 2007 18:51:52 GMT

    If true, another Binduniweewa is in the making. They will be massacred and the police and army who witness the killing will be set free by the Sinhalaese judges. This is how the justice is administered in Sri Lankan courts.

  • 26 Jun 2007 19:16:20 GMT

    It is strange to see people taking about southern justice. Yes, Bindunuwewa was regretable and should have never happen.

    But what JUSTICE do tamils have in the land of freedom??????

    `Tamils open mouth only to eat`

    `Vanni is a giant torture chamber`

    `Kids are kidnapped by LTTE amid screems of parents` etc, etc etc, etc


    First give justice to tamils who are suffering in LTTE areas before taking about justice elsewhere pleeeeese !

    Remove the log in your eye before commenting on the spec in others eye !

    If justice is bad,


    500,000 tamils have fled to the south !!!

    Also why a single tamil has not gone from the south to the land of milk and honey ???????


  • 26 Jun 2007 22:48:16 GMT

    [ 500,000 tamils have fled to the south ]

    More Tamils fled to India, does it mean more justice or comfort in India?

    Tamils are starved and SL army and the army aided paramilitaries such as EPDP and Karuna group abduct civilians for no reason and extort, torture and dispose them. The closure of A9 have created scarecity of basic essentials, they have to go where these goods are available and be in relative safety.

    During the anti-Tamil riots organised by the SL govts to sabotage the Pacts signed by both Tamil and Sinhalaese leaders Tamils were ferried in buses to North and East. Now those areas are occupied by Sinhalese army and Navy.

    They fled to Colombo to be safe in front of foreign cameras.

    IN Vanni too aerial sorties and bombings make live intolerable. There are no food or medicine, so they seek refuge in other areas and risk crossing the Palk Strait. Big mouths can talk about living in LTTE areas only if food and medicine are allowed to be transported and stopped bombing.

  • 27 Jun 2007 02:32:49 GMT

    [general tamil would like to live with dignity...]

    I wonder who is talking `crap` here.

    `general tamils` have already seen decades of Sinhala `dignity` without the LTTE, thanks but NO THANKS!

  • 27 Jun 2007 04:39:46 GMT


    Ok then, Tamils are now having dignity WITH the LTTE. So be it. Please do receive protection of LTTE in their, so called, controlled areas. Remember, people pay taxes, and rulers offer protection in return, NOT people pay taxes, rulers beg for rations from outsiders, build bunkers out of rice bags and tell the world there is a food shortage. That`s not controlling or governing, that`s being Sri Lankan by part, which you never wanted to be. Where are you guys heading with LTTE is not clear to me. Still if you`ve gained a dignity, which you never had, because of LTTE, I`m happy for you. Good Luck.