Professor Samaranayake will fill a page in Lanka`s history

  • 11 Jun 2007 21:56:30 GMT

    Our Deepest Sympathies! This is an untimely and great loss to Mother Lanka....

    TRAITOR RANIL and PENIS-AM Nana are trying hard to implicate Gotabhaya of Murdering Prof. Samaranayake.

    Soon, a UNP press conference will be held to inform the public about how exactly Gotabhaya Murdered Prof. Samaranayake. Afterwards, PENIS-AM will copy the UNP Press Conference on to LNP and say that he has BACKED-UP all things living and dead...

  • 11 Jun 2007 22:28:27 GMT

    This is a big disaster to the Sri Lankans IT industry. Most of other guys who work in IT now are real businessmen and they won`t do much to develop IT in Sri Lanka.