President makes surprise visit to Katunayake air base

  • 2 Jun 2007 19:23:36 GMT

    Visits can not do things

    Use Brain

    No use of Anti-aircraft guns or radars fixed at the base.

    Fix them 50-75 miles away from the base.

    Identify the enemy From far , Don`t wait until he come to your home and `hit N Run`

    Stay alert to chase behind them and hit.

    Palu gei Walan bindina Bawan gutayo, bawanata wela nidida?

  • 2 Jun 2007 20:59:12 GMT


    On November 18, 2005, a certain gentleman walked into Temple Trees, the official residence of president-elect, Mahinda Rajapaksa. Sri Lanka had witnessed one of the closest tussles for the highest office of the land the previous day and by dawn the verdict was in ? Rajapaksa was the winner ? by a wafer thin margin. When the visitor walked in, everyone knew he was a special guest, for the newly elected President rose to greet him with a big hug and the words ? ?you made it possible.?

    Tiran was afforded this VIP reception, it was speculated at the time (and the reports have only intensified following the exit of Mangala Samaraweera from cabinet) because he had been the official go-between in the Rajapaksa campaign?s negotiations with the LTTE. The Tigers? enforced boycott of the north east election which resulted in a victory for Rajapaksa was said to have been pulled off by Alles; naturally, he was the new President?s blue-eyed boy at the time.

    So what is it that makes Tiran Alles such a liability for the government today? In the immediate aftermath of the election, stunning information began to circulate about Alles? hand in convincing the LTTE to boycott the poll. Since it was largely expected that the Tamil vote in the north and east would swing towards the Opposition candidate Ranil Wickremesinghe, the boycott would effectively deliver to the election to the Rajapaksa camp. In November 2005, soon after the election, columnist D.B.S. Jeyaraj wrote:

    ?It is said that Alles had established and cultivated contacts with LTTE leaders like Thamilselvan, Pulidevan, Nadesan, Para, Balakumaran and others during their several trips to and from Asian and European destinations through Katunayake for peace talks.

    According to sources Tiran Alles was mandated with the task of ensuring a boycott by the Tamil people of the Presidential polls.?

    Since the sacking of Samaraweera and his colleague, Sripathi Sooriyarachchi, there have been many murmurings about this ?secret pact? between the Rajapaksa campaign office and the LTTE in which money, allegedly changed hands. While some argue that the claims would have had far more credibility if the rebels had come out with them when they were still holding government positions, allusions to the ?pact? were reiterated and constantly reinforced by both Sooriyarachchi and Samaraweera for months after their sacking.

    The width and breadth of the dimensions of the Tiran Alles saga are too great to be thoroughly comprehended. There are many things to date that we are yet to find out about, many sides to a story that is still unfinished. Will Tiran?s fall be an indication of things to come for Mangala Samaraweera and Sripathi Sooriyaarachchi unless they fall in line? Will they spill all and expose the government? Or will this be reason enough for the rebels to back down, to make things go back to being the way they were? Politically, things have begun to unravel fast and time will tell, soon enough.

  • 2 Jun 2007 21:34:35 GMT

    The fall of Sri lanka = The raise of Mahinda Raja(s).

  • 2 Jun 2007 21:56:05 GMT

    Mr President is considered to be aginst any viable solution to the problem of minorities.

    [ Mr.Rajapakse must realise that his credibility is very low in New Delhi as well as other capitals because of the way he has been trying to handle the Sri Lankan Tamil issue. That was why there was a marked lack of solidarity with Sri Lanka when the LTTE brought into action its air capability. A terrorist organisation acquiring an air capability should be a matter of great concern to India and other members of the international community. But yet, their reaction was studiedly low profile because of their disappointment and even annoyance with him over the way he has been handling the Tamil issue since he came to power in November, 2005. `It serves him right`, was the prevailing view in many capitals.


  • 2 Jun 2007 21:59:16 GMT


    The convention is Mathematics is that the factor(s) on the LHS depends on that on the RHS of the equation. Your equation must be reversed.

  • 2 Jun 2007 22:31:34 GMT


    In convention yes, only.

    But in (universal) Mathematics it remains always right as they are equals. As Truth remains Truth.

    In convention, square root of 4 , is only 2, and not 2 and -2. All square roots are positives. But this is due to only a common mathematical convention that all humans adopted. But in universal Mathematic square root of 4 could be too -2 ,as (-2)^2=4. (But this imply another way to calculate than the convention..Good Luck !)

    In fact, i think that Truths are reversible and all interconnected.

    I early wrote,

    The fall of Sri Lanka = The Raise of Mahinda, this imply that the fall of Sri lanka is interconnected with the raise of Mahinda, there is so no need to mention one before the another as they are strictly EQUALS, and as all Truths are EQUALS.

    My friend Nirupam we can longer discuss if Sri lanka falled because Mahinda raised, or if Sri lanka had to fall because Mahinda had to raise..

  • 2 Jun 2007 22:45:28 GMT


    [No use of Anti-aircraft guns or radars fixed at the base.

    Fix them 50-75 miles away from the base.]

    Good idea .. but the problem is the little Zlin `driver` is smart enough to fly `over the water` (over sea) most of the way, and he crosses into Katunayake (or to Colombo) directly from the sea, at the `last moment` .. so to speak. So, there is not much choice in it .. you have to bring down the bug**r when he is practically over-head (agreed, it should be before he releases his small bomb).

  • 2 Jun 2007 22:53:03 GMT


    Mathematically you are right, because `the fall of Sri Lanka` came about after and following the `Rise of Rajapakse`. I had a problem of reflective imaging. So LHS was dependent on RHS of the equation.

  • 2 Jun 2007 22:57:25 GMT

    Lol Nirupam,

    Mathematically it is too true if you write : The raise of Mahinda = The fall of Sri lanka.

    Truths are reversible.

  • 2 Jun 2007 23:01:47 GMT


    In Mathematical convention too the SQRT(4)= 2 or -2. Only in the life of the layman it`s commonly used as just 2.

    I was wrong in the first place to misconceive your equation.