Problems of being bully`s buddy - II

  • 2 Jun 2007 12:48:24 GMT

    Ok! Ban all Indian stuff like what the JVP did some time ago! That ought to teach the bully a lesson!..... or...... will that be another lesson for SL? :(

  • 5 Jun 2007 09:39:57 GMT

    Broomstick and beatings.

    Tuesday, 5 June 2007 - 4:37 PM SL Time

    there is a saying in tamils `Thadiya Kuduthu adivankinan`

    meaning man given broomstick to get beaten by it.

    with all these years experiances. sinhala government never seems to learn anything.

    it now rely on ponseka who was nearly killed at his own headquartes where security is unimaginable.

    last week there are two significant things happend.

    1, india told SL not to buy things from pak or china we will provide what is needed.

    2, LTTE attack at Nedingthevu (dalt islet)

    these two events are related somehow and sinhalese or its media have not got a clue.

    india knows LTTE capability. LTTE dont need to sent shoping list for items, they will helpthemselves from srilankan government shopings.

    LTTE didnt need to buy a rader for $2 million. they have got one for free from srilankan government, and that is going to cost even more for srilankan government.

    because LTTE didnt only take rader, they have taken Anti Bird which was guarding the rader, becuase government had the rader there and fixed some missiles to attack TAF.

    now LTTE comando team gothold of both.

    these both are very important items and it was in the LTTE shoping list for long time. and it will help LTTE verymuch.

    for example LTTE can now keep the rader where they want to monitor navy atcivities.

    that will help LTTE to move the shipments accordingly and if anytime if LTTE wanted to attack navy they can easily do so.

    therefore this is a very important milestone In LTTE growth. ( thanks to Mahinda mama)

    this is the main reason India Told sinhala government we will give you what is required.

    dont go and buy things from pak and china who may give you more powerfull items and if that gets into the hands of LTTE you will be in deep &^*^() .

    but sinhala newsagents or politicians didnt see the point in indias comment.

    ` we will give defencive items not offensive ones because we know for fact from past it will end up in the hands of LTTE and then you will be in XZXZZX .

    But mahinda who seems to think ponseka ( who cannot be sure of his security) can win LTTE. east was captured without a fight from LTTE.

    according to inform source when dalt was attacked srilanan forces along seasides camps are are ran for cover into towns. and some cases people have burned the camps etc.

    what is funny is that mahinda banned from newspaper reporting that LTTE had taken rader and many anti Birds . because it was said it will break the morale of All threeforces.

    Srilankan navy today are far weaker and vonurable than a week ago.


    Srilankan Airforce too are weaker than a week ago.



  • 5 Jun 2007 10:40:24 GMT


    India always behaves like a sadist deriving, as she does, immense pleasure from the suffering of her neighbours, like those cheap Indian soap opera characters who are full hatred, envy, jealousy and hubris. She has a massive ego to nurse, and this she does at the expense of others. She treats her small neighbours like untouchables. ]

    Look whos talking, the SLG cant even treat its own people good.

  • 6 Jun 2007 17:50:53 GMT

    Don`t we treat beggars the same way?

    India is giving the same medicine to GOSL.