CID interrogates Sonali

  • 17 May 2007 01:52:57 GMT


    Sonali is no UNP supporter. If you can, read the Sunday Leader issues during the UNP rule and that would portray her as a PA/SLFP supporter.

    These are independant journalists making the public aware of what is taking place in the country. The public has every right to know what public officials are doing. Making the public aware is the duty of a journalist and a public news paper.

    Upto date why has not Lasantha Wickramatunga ( Chief of Leader Publications) been challenged and convicted in a Court of Law by any government ( PA or UNP)?. Do not forget that he was critical of the UNP administration too. The reason is because the facts found in the Leader and Morning Leader are substantiated and cannot be disproved by the government.

    LW is an Attorney-at-Law and if I am correct so is Sonali. They know what they are in for in case untruths are published.

    Truth does hurt and will not go down well with any one seeking to conceal that truth.

    If the government wants to it can impose press censorship which however would openly indicate that democracy is stifled which impression obviously the government does not want to create. Therefore what the government is now doing is attempting to pressurise the media through dubious tactics ranging from purile threats to elemination of journalists with a view to eliciting self censorship. In certain instances we see it working but with Leader publications I doubt it happening.

  • 17 May 2007 02:26:11 GMT

    Cant wake up folks who pretend to sleep!

  • 17 May 2007 02:28:35 GMT


    How can you say the Govt is not intimidating the media? How many journalists have so far been either killed or threatened? Do not forget Lasantha Wickramatunga was also severely beaten, shot at and threatened sometime ago.

    How many media institutions have been raided? After raiding and with the supposed `evidence` found during those raids has any action been instituted against any one in any court?

    If the government has so much of evidence to suggest that these journalists are spreading falsehoods and the news items are not authentic, the individuals affected by these articles can take the matter up in courts and sue for Defamation with full State patronage ie: Nivard Cabraal can do it as his reputation has been, `per se`, torn to pieces by the Leader news papers. No one, including the government, dares to resort to court action because that could be more damaging. Therefore Intimidation with State patronage is the preferred option.

  • 17 May 2007 02:49:20 GMT

    This is exactly why there is so much focus on Human right in SL. Under the cover of fighting a war, the Terrorist Rajapassas are determined to Bull doze anyone who stands in their way.

    The moral of the story is The RajaPASSA Crime Family can, Plunder BILLIONS, can bully anyone and everyone but no one should expose them!

    Srilankas Idi Ameen!

    [Not that government is trying to intimidate media people but to see the authenticity of her story. If the report is correct then govt. can necessary action against the culprits. If not can go against the media woman for misguiding people. ]

    LOL... Yes just like MR investigated the Authencity of the Helping Hambanthota Scandle and then came to the conclusion that there was no wrong done???? :) :)... You people are Maruuu.. You are definiltely advacing on the food chain. Not only do you swollow BUCKET loads of PUNNNAKKU. Now trying to feed it to others also!! :)

  • 17 May 2007 03:32:18 GMT


    Will I be correct if I conclude from your `Answer1` that according to what you have mentioned you justify the State using intimidatory tactics to elicit information from journalists rather than resort to avenues available through the Laws of the land.

    If what has been made known to the public through the media hardly matters to those concerned, why then all these intimidatory tactics and raids etc etc?

    Isn`t it a known fact among the general public in SL that the State has paramilitary groups doing the rounds in the country eleminating people considered to be troublemakers to the government.

    My response to your `Answer2` is : Will any ordinary individuals in their right minds travel about in Colombo specially, well armed, kidnapping, eleminating and dumping the bodies all over the countryside of people whom they oppose, with all these police and military checkpoints situated like mushrooms all over city and the country? Can they get about undetected?

    Could such things be done in the war zone by ordinary individuals who according to you are supposed to be simply affected people killing? Be a little more realistic.

    Please remember that proof could be direct as well as circumstancial. Many murders amongst other things are proved purely on circumstancial evidence.

    Using paramilitary groups is not a tactic resorted to only by MR`s government, he is simply following what the UNP did large scale during the 88-91 period

    People of the calibre of Soththi Upali, Baddagane Sanjeewa etc etc were all revealed in the media together with their connections to the high ranking politicians. Thel Baala, Kudu Baala and their connections to high ranking politicians were all revealed in the media specially in the Leader group newspapers. Kindly update yourself on facts.

    It is simply absurd to expect the media to highlight the kasippu dealers in each and every village who sell a bottle of hooch to keep their home fires burning and reveal their connections to the local MPs. Where ever it matters the articles go in the papers and if a high up is affected then intimidation is resorted to, and you attempt to justify that.

  • 17 May 2007 03:47:02 GMT


    You should read the recent articlein Ravaya (or Kolarava ya) by Victor Ivan on Lasantha W. Victor accuses Lasantha on very serious charges and claim that Lasantha failed to respond.


  • 17 May 2007 03:52:09 GMT


    So WHY has not anyone taken LW to Court if in fact there are serious charges against him?

    Has Victor Ivan complained to the Press Council? Why hasn`t the Press Council commenced an investigation against LW?

  • 17 May 2007 04:17:31 GMT

    So the government is trying to impose a press-censorship? Hahahaha. What cowards... they want the war the war to stay in the North, they want the tourists to come stay in the South, and they want the journalists to stay put? Basically, a shove-everything-under-the-rug approach. Luckily, not everyone in SL buys it. Like these journalists.

  • 17 May 2007 04:22:41 GMT

    Government should stop being complete dumbos and let these people expose the crooks in high rung positions.

    Common people are paying taxes and what not just to keep these id1ots living a good life... if government can`t find the the crooks let the people who can expose them to the public

  • 17 May 2007 04:45:15 GMT

    Now Kiwi,

    You are missing the point. If there has been any wrong doing, what good it would do if they are written and published and nothing more is done. It only helps us to get our blood boiled once in a while.

    What needs to be done is clearly corporate with law enforcement and give them enough evidence to lockup who ever it is at fault.

    You must now think that I`m fooling around not knowing the reality. But I have a clear understanding of what can happen, like CID receiving the list of whistle blowers and passing them to underworld for necessary treatment. Yes, that can happen, but only if Sonali, the journalist, does not immediately release these names to public or to a court of law at the same time.

    Is she ready to go to courts with this evidence?

    Is she ready to help CID to collect enough evidence to prosecute these people?

    I don`t think so.

    Why doesn`t she reveal the names? Is it because these allegations are made up? Should the Central Bank governor have no right to defend himself? Can he not not make a complaint to CID to investigate and CID visit the journalist to interrogate?

    These days such questions are not even bothered to ask. Why?

    Because, in a Sri Lankan society where honesty has been thrown out of the window, from the governors to office assistants corruption is the religion, some of you are ready to think the JOURNALISTS are purest, honest, saints of the entire country.

    There was time like that my friends, when Policemen, Doctors, Teachers and of course journalists, were honest and pure men and women. You know what happened to the rest, but not to the Journalists.