Tigers bought arms with Govt. money: UNP

  • 9 May 2007 11:53:44 GMT

    You see the way people talk

    I thing this is a mud slinging activity.Better to close this debate

  • 9 May 2007 12:30:13 GMT

    I hope this Vamp4 chap will get well soon and make a worthwhile contribution to this forum.

  • 9 May 2007 14:27:21 GMT

    Coming to power is the only ambition of Sri Lankan poloticians, the country goes to the dogs.

    Slogon of `Sinhala only in 24 hours` was raised to win the election. What has been happening ever since?

  • 9 May 2007 14:49:31 GMT


    [Coming to power is the only ambition of Sri Lankan poloticians, the country goes to the dogs.]

    Exactly. Hook or by crook, trying to come to power. Disgraceful.

  • 9 May 2007 16:07:36 GMT

    Just shut up LK. These are very old vote catching tricks.

    They will not change governments nowadays.

    People will vote with their stomachs this time so do something on that.

  • 9 May 2007 16:35:59 GMT

    Now LTTE going stock enough sa - 18 through government agencies , GoatPaaya is the good contact , just deposit his commission and deal money in his swiss account ( well he never had an account two year ago , but that is past , past is past ) !

  • 9 May 2007 17:42:32 GMT

    [Exactly. Hook or by crook, trying to come to power. Disgraceful.]

    Isnt this the ONLY way to come to power in SL??

    Look at how Punnakku rala came to power. Look at the PUNNAKKU chintanaya and what was said there.

    Im happy to see the UNP at least try but they are MILES AND MILES behind the Punnakkuwa! Hopefully with time they will learn and at least come close to the PUNNAKKU standards!! :) :)

  • 9 May 2007 22:18:17 GMT

    It is the ignorance of UNP and the gang to say it without any proof.It is known that president do not have access to 200 billion cash under the table or his personal assets to cover. Without having any proof when anyone talk like that you seems like you spit up coming down on to your own face.

    Having heard Ranil as a traitor it is time for him to run away with no return.It is proven majority of Sri Lankans on presidents will

  • 9 May 2007 23:57:06 GMT

    Sri Lankan politician are the most disgraceful persons in the whole world.

    They will sell there parents to come in to power. The Objective of most of them is

    To earn as much as they can during the parliament period.

    Country is running thanks to housemaid moneys comes from Middle East

  • 10 May 2007 03:58:14 GMT

    [Not only weapons Parayadasa ordered 800 police officers to surrender to Pakaran. This bastard killed those who surrendered. ]

    Policemen were slaughtered by the GoSLs loverboy Karuna..! LOL