Chennai gets ready to assist Colombo airport

  • 3 May 2007 10:51:52 GMT

    Hey Channai ..Or Madras..You created this problem ..Now you want to reap the benefit by taking our Air Trafic..

  • 3 May 2007 13:52:25 GMT

    Chennai would get more businesses and needs another airport.

  • 3 May 2007 13:52:57 GMT

    In talking of Sri Lanka, this is what Lee Kuan Yew says: -

    `We have got to live with the consequences of our actions and we are responsible for our own people and we take the right decisions for them. You look at the old Philippines. The old Ceylon. The old East Pakistan and several others. I have been to these countries and places. When 1 went to Colombo for the first time in 1956 it was a better city than Singapore because Singapore had three and a half years of Japanese occupation and Colombo was the centre or HQ of Mountbatten`s Southeast Asia command.

    And they had sterling reserves. They had two Universities. Before the war, a thick layer of educated talent So if you believe what American liberals or British liberals used to say, then it ought to have flourished. But it didn`t.

    One-man one-vote led to the domination of the Sinhalese majority over the minority Tamils who were the active and intelligent fellows who worked hard and got themselves penalised. And English was out. They were educated in English. Sinhalese was in. They got quotas in two universities and now they have become fanatical Tigers. And the country will never be put together again.

    Somebody should have told them - change the system, loosen up, or break off. And looking back, I think the Tunku was wise. (The reference is to Tunku Abdul Rahman the Malaysian Prime Minister under whose rule Singapore separated from Malaysia).

    I offered a loosening up of the system. He said: `Clean cut, go your way`. Had we stayed in, and I look at Colombo and Ceylon, I mean changing names, sometimes maybe you deceive the gods, but I don`t think you are deceiving the people who live in them. It makes no great difference to the tragedy that is being enacted.

    They failed because they had weak or wrong leaders `.

  • 3 May 2007 14:15:55 GMT

    Good one Ajan.

    Thanks for shedding more light over Ceylon/Sri Lanka,

    Too bad, You country did not have a leader like Tunku Abdul Rahman or Lee Kwan yu.

    But Tamils have a srong Leader, prebakran.

    They should be able to exel themselves under that leader.

  • 3 May 2007 14:24:34 GMT

    May be the Mahinda Rajapakse International Airport (MRIA) at Weerawila will have to be prematually opened!

  • 3 May 2007 14:31:48 GMT

    Let tyhe people who are fooled for last 50 years realise that the so called leaders themselves will have to land in a foreign country because of their military adventurism. This will make the people realise that the defeat of LTTE and the Village/District Council Proposals are as calamitous as their brave words.

  • 3 May 2007 14:35:59 GMT

    Mahinda & Bro Co have entered into a secret deal with Tigers to develop the weerawila airport project immediately.

    As per the agreement tigers who worked and completed their run way in Iranamadu would be shifted to Weerawila under darkness to carry out the Weerawilla airport project, and the project will be completed within a fortnight, after a fortnight there won`t be any need to divert the flights to Chennai.

    Tigers were given 250 million rupees advance to build the Weerawilla airport.

  • 3 May 2007 21:44:38 GMT

    [Chennai gets ready to assist Colombo airport]

    things do not come free these days, so CHENNAI should charge colombo for the emergency help they provide!!

  • 3 May 2007 22:52:42 GMT

    No more night flights to KIA.

    [Sri Lanka close airport at night after Tamil Tiger attacks

    COLOMBO, May 3, 2007 (AFP) - Sri Lanka`s international airport will close at night from next week following a spate of bombing raids by Tamil Tiger aircraft taking the cover of darkness, a top aviation official told AFP.]

  • 3 May 2007 22:54:35 GMT

    [Chennai airport is geared to accommodate civilian aircraft that may be diverted due to any possible LTTE air raids in Colombo, agency news reports said yesterday (1). ]

    LOL if anyone thinks this is Helping SL - they are sadly mistaken. THE ONLY reason chennia wants there flights to come there is cos Chennia wants to attract more fliths and make money. Cant blame them, when we Srilankans are being soo stupid!