UNP condemns LTTE attack and blames Govt.

  • 30 Apr 2007 07:25:20 GMT

    Ranil had the LTTE cornered and was holding it by the throat, suffocating it with an international safety net that backed Sri Lanka. The LTTE might have built an airstrip blah blah but eventually they would have been forced to the negotiating table.

    Now we have a bogus battle being carried out in the East. The govt. is claiming victory although all the LTTE is doing is withdrawing without putting up a fight. The true test will come in trying to move into the north- more nationalist, more consolidated LTTE positions, more support for LTTE. Rajapakse is taking Sri Lanka one step backward at a time

  • 30 Apr 2007 07:31:43 GMT

    Balaming each other will not help UNP or SLFP or any other party. Gen.puplic now more inteligent than those days when JRJ or Premadas run the country. They know what`s going on. The community is too small to hide secrets any more. Truth is out there and Ranil knows it too.

    Ranil must realise that he and his government helped the this situation to become what it is today. Out fo 30 years of war UNP was running the country for 20 years, so who to be blamed is the question.

    At this time UNP should try to correct what the mistakes they made so people will trust them again. They need to come up with ideas not just words that has no meaning. That goes to Mr. Mahinda too.

  • 30 Apr 2007 09:55:25 GMT

    LTTE has air bombde so far three occassions. Few daths, no extensive damages!!

    SLAF had bombed, may be, thousand times. Ships destroyed, base destroyed. LTTE say bogus cliamd only civillians are killed...

    I suspect something fishy here...

    Is this a war...

    May be only war games...

    GOSL for the entertainment of the IC, and Sinhala public.

    LTTE for the entertainment of the Tamil diaspora...

  • 30 Apr 2007 11:52:13 GMT

    Because of this type of racism and opportunism by the UNP,the party is in disaray to day for, the first time in its history and Ranil is not the president.

    When are these Aliya modayas aregoing to learn any lesson?

    NAtional LEAder/ELAN

  • 30 Apr 2007 12:06:45 GMT

    [The main Opposition UNP, while vehemently condemning Saturday`s LTTE air attack on Colombo, said it would do its utmost to relieve the nation from the great dangers it was facing today ]

    Put UNP in power and they will give the North and East to pirabha and the rest ot the country to America. Then all our problems will be solved. So easy. Didn`t that guy Ranil say that George Bush supports him?

  • 30 Apr 2007 12:07:13 GMT

    Thanks to UNP we are getting hit. Somebody rip that CFA.

  • 30 Apr 2007 12:27:55 GMT

    UNP!! haiyyyooo. such a bunch of idiots..

    UNP you are bloody morons who gave permission to LTTE TERRORIRTS to bring down air craft parts in contaienr loads without even customs checkups.

    Thanks to the bloody UNP GP Ranil Moron, the Thug V Prabhakaran and the Barber and the LTTE SPOKE person Rasaiya CAN phone overseas via satalite connections.

    What the Hech you UNP bloody morons who slept with LTTE TERRORIRTS have to worry about this moment?? Let Mahinada govrment to crush the LTTE TERROIRTS and UNP please mind your own biz. You never be able to come to the house. You will ever be the IMPOTENET opposition.


  • 30 Apr 2007 14:49:48 GMT

    [Come on all Pseudo Patriots!! ]

    YEAHHHHHHH Come on ALL Pseudo Patriots!! (A.K.A - PEHs - PUNNAKKU Eating HOOTERS!!)....

    Its all RWs fault. Before RWs CFA - the LTTE was soo weak that they couldnt do anything. All the camps like Elephant pass, Mullaitiv, Killinochhi, Airport attack NEVER took place. It was all fictions in peoples imagination. In addition the SL economy was BOOMING....

    [The BRILLIANCE of Beging a RajaPASSA!!]

    Im pasting an article from the Island which was copied by Lankaweb.com (the Sinahala version of TamilNUT which is run by one of Sri Rohana PUNNAKKU ralas biggest `PASSA` Lickers - known as Falter Jayawardene Reporting from Los Angeles...


    [THis is HOW INTELLIGENT Our RajaPASSA Brothers are!... I didnt know weather to laugh or cry after reading this!

    Who`s the genius who suggested switching off the lights in sensitive areas when the alarm goes off?

    by Capt. G. A. Fernando The Island]

    So the `Flying Tigers` have done it again. Who`s the genius who suggested switching off the lights in sensitive areas when the alarm goes off? Does he not know that they are navigating by Global Positioning Systems (GPS) which is accurate to within three or four metres. So switching off lights will not help. If there is a mosquito menace from a pond close by, using mosquito repellants is not the answer. We must drain the pond! Have we given thought to who the other Zlin 143 operators are? Is there any way of blocking the essential spares for these aircraft? (This is not a very popular aircraft) This may be an effective way of grounding the aeroplanes.

    Tamilnet = On-line PUNNAKKU for tamils.

    Lankaweb.com = On-line PUNNAKKU for Pseudo Patriots

  • 30 Apr 2007 16:52:21 GMT

    Sri Lanka cricket team has taken a decision to lose thefinals since BASIL RAJAPAKSE demanded 10% ccommission from the winning money!

  • 30 Apr 2007 17:22:34 GMT

    How nice!

    The UNP messed up during its` time and now blames it on the present Govt. Ha.. Looking up and spitting!