Diesel hike puts CEB in mess as CPC demands full price

  • 26 Apr 2007 16:36:05 GMT

    National Issue.

    Dear readers, this is a nationally arguable issue. The increases of diesel and petrol can`t be stopped because it`s beyond our control as it is purely controlled in the world market. Then how can we address to this uncontrollable issue ? When diesel is up, almost prices of all other commodities go up.

    When diesel prices are up, Electricity bills are also up.

    To address this high fuel consumption, you may stop running private vehicles to Colombo in the morning, In other words private vehicles driven one person or taking another should be stopped in the morning to go to the offices. Then you will save millions of money spent on fuel, high road traffics, parking problems, pollution, Then how can they go to offices in the morning and go back to home in the evening. This is what collectively to addressed. It`s not so complicated, take example from developed countries how they have improved their infra structure of transport system.

    It`s simple as ABC. You develop trains transport. Then you need money, Yes, it`s a future investment, a huge, all you have to do is investing money in one time which you have to pay daily for fuel. If trains are selected, what would be the other benefits other than fuel saving. The most may be important than fuel saving is time saving. You can then save hours of time which spent on roads, you can reach your offices in early with fresh minds so that your whole day is to be fresh. Not only in the morning, but also in the evening you can come to your home and stay with your family early with comfortable mode than you came by your own car through heavy traffic. Then not only you are saving your money but also saving country`s money to be spent on fuel.

    At the same time, when you improve trains, you could easily develop towns near the stations , Almost many stations not in Colombo area, are situated in some remote areas. When you develop these stations, all town or villages near by get improved automatically.

    Finally while you improve trains, a road tax should be collected from each and every vehicle coming to Colombo with one or two persons inside the vehicles. Public transporting vehicles are to be charged minimally and office and school transports not high but medium. When these extra charges come into effect, people tend to use public services to go to Colombo if public services are comfortable enough to travel and safe enough unlike now. This is really practical due to rising parking problems in Colombo now.

    This is a just idea which should be critically analyzed and implemented through specialized advises. Criticizing this destructively is giving nothing, but elaborating constructively may be worthwhile.