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Government planning to arrest Ranil before May 8 - Johnston
Friday, 20 April 2007 - 6:23 AM SL Time

The UNP yesterday alleged that the government was planning to arrest its leader Ranil Wickremesinghe and several others on trumped up charges before the next sitting of parliament on May 8.

Kurunegala District UNP MP Johnston Fernando addressing a media briefing in Colombo said that the government was hell bent on harassing the UNP leader and his party members who are critical of the high handed behaviour of `Rajapakse and Company`, violation of human rights and rampant corruption.

Among the UNPers the government was targeting, he said were himself, Tissa Attanayake, Vajira Abeywardena, Lakshman Seneviratne, Thalatha Athukoralle, Mahinda Rathanthillake and Ranga Bandara.

`We are heading for a dictatorship. Anyone critical of the President and his stooges are threatened with arrest or death.

The UNP as a democratic party has a duty by the people to expose the government`s wrong doings. It was only recently that I got threatening calls saying I would be remanded in the cell next to Sripathy Sooriyarachchi if criticism of the President and his brothers does not stop.`

He,said that even the media was under siege and the latest casualty was the `Daily Mirror` Editor Champika Liyanarachchi who alleges that she was warned by Defence Secretary Gothabaya Rajapakse to stop being critical of the government and Karuna Faction or face the consequences.

`While the President hosts journalists to breakfast, lunches and dinners and claims there is media freedom, his brother is on a witch hunt of the media, politicians and civil society that are critical of the government.`

The media is being pressured and threatened to keep praising the government and ignore its faults, he said. `This is a total violation of media freedom.`

Fernando, said that even ambassadors who are critical of abductions and killings in the country are being warned with punitive action.

`We will take the governments attempts to stifle democracy and media freedom to international forums such as the UN and will not rest until Sri Lankans are able to breathe freely once again`, he said.

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Joined: May 2006
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20 Apr 2007 16:50:23 GMT  Report for Abuse   
Hi hope Ranil will be arrested and punshied for the past mistakes he has done. Ranil is another terrorist leader.
Senior Member

Joined: Dec 2004
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20 Apr 2007 16:55:52 GMT  Report for Abuse   
Ranil should be tried for acting in detriment to the sovereignty of the Country and colluding with the terrorists...........
Joined: Nov 2005
Posts: 90
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20 Apr 2007 17:46:58 GMT  Report for Abuse   
Ranil should be hanged and the treacherous document called CFA he signed should be scrapped.

The above will settle all sri Lanka's problems overnight and it will become a wonderful place to live in.......all the Patriots will return back to the paradise..
wow..what a sensation!
Senior Member

Joined: Aug 2006
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20 Apr 2007 18:15:33 GMT  Report for Abuse   
Ranil has a lot to answer for .. He has behaved as if Sri Lanka is his 'private plot' (property), and the people his 'serfs'.

In other countries .. what Presidents would not dare do, he has done in SL .. like 'diluting' its sovereignity, before the world-body (via the CFA conferred on the LTTE) .. and before India (by pretending that he is the 'true and anointed' leader of SL).
Edited By - SenaM - 20 Apr 2007 18:17:22 GMT
Joined: Nov 2005
Posts: 90
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20 Apr 2007 22:18:47 GMT  Report for Abuse   
It is easy to try him out in court...if Sripathi Suriyaarachchi was arrested for a vehicle mis-use why should this 'traitor' be spared?

after all he has done so many things like batalanda,CFA or what not and enough evidence can be found from our beloved members in LankaNewsPapers itself. Soumya,Subraman,Samanj& SenaM etc will be available in court to give evidence against this idiot Ranil wickramasinghe.

Hon.President, Please dont dissapoint your followers.Please take action---NOW!
Senior Member

Joined: Mar 2005
Posts: 2154
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20 Apr 2007 23:21:16 GMT  Report for Abuse   
Seems Mahinda is hell bent on becoming the new Saddam!
And what a wonderful coincidence, his brother Gothaya is already the new Chemical Ali ;)
Senior Member

Joined: Jul 2005
Posts: 4333
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21 Apr 2007 01:25:26 GMT  Report for Abuse   
Ranil has put his foot firmly in his mouth by joing Human rights issue and now having foot and mouth disease.

Why go on investigating when there are concluded cases at hand???

Police has files of cases concluded of abductions and killings during 89-90.

Therefore it is VERY easy to put number of UNP MPs to jail.

With our selective justice system, serial killers like Rajitha the foul mouth wont be prosecuted .

That will make the other UNP MPs to cross over to Mahinda and Company just to evade arrests!!

Senior Member

Joined: Nov 2005
Posts: 1616
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21 Apr 2007 01:49:57 GMT  Report for Abuse   
As far as I am aware Ranil was taken to court by the CBK Govt. on the Batalanda saga and exhonerated. Ranil is not a rogue and not a thug. That's why he has depicted himself as a useless, weak leader in SL .To survive in SL politics today thuggery and intimidation are vital. MR has mastered that art well and has even groomed his brothers in that art.

Ranil's stupidity and naivity was seen when he denied openly on election platforms the existence of the Batalanda Torture chamber which everybody except Ranil seemed to know which was actually in exhistence next to his official residence ( Kelaniya MP) at the Batalanda housing complex.

There were similar Torture chambers even at the De Zoysa Stadium at Moratuwa and basically all over the country in each and every electorate but no one accused Tyronne Fernando or any other of being the master mind behind those torture chambers eleminating predominantly JVPers in each and every electorate. Tyronne Fernando too was not a thug or rogue but useless in the style of SL politics.

It was a known fact that para militaries with Govt. patronage with the guidance of Ranjan Wijeratne were behind those torture chambers and all govt members ( not only Ranil)at that time were 'Collectively Responsible' for what ever happened during the surpression of the JVP uprising. Some of them are today with MR and the PA. ie: Gamini Lokuge of Piliyandala fame, Susantha Punchinilame of Thrimawithana fame.

Even if Ranil is arrested it would make no difference as he is in any event inactive and doing absolutely nothing as the Leader of the Opposition

Countries such as Burma and Zimbabwe locked-up the opposition parties and stifled democracy for the leaders to achieve their own ends. COuntries such as North Korea do not give a chance to any opposition and the leaders enjoy while the nation suffers.

Singapore under Lee Kwan Yu also stifled the opposition and shelved democracy but Lee Kwan Yu had a vision for Singapore and did not want any opposition to stifle that vision and plan of development. Today there is no urge for an opposition in Singapore as every body is happy with what Lee Kwan Yu did for Singapore.

SL under MR unfortunately cannot be seen as another Singapore in the making under another Lee Kwan Yu but can be seen as another Burma, Zimbabwe or North Korea in the making under another despot.
Edited By - kiwikanga - 21 Apr 2007 02:36:18 GMT
Senior Member

Joined: Mar 2005
Posts: 1605
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21 Apr 2007 02:05:56 GMT  Report for Abuse   
This bugger Johnston should be arrested first for abducting Samitha Mudunkotuwa while his wife is in the hospital in the labor room......

All the UNP parliamentarians are media spokesmen sometimes,....
OOo-en-pee is out of substance now ,and trying to gain publicity is any means, but the problem is nothing works,.....

Oooops, Ooo-en-pee did it again...
Joined: Nov 2005
Posts: 433
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21 Apr 2007 02:56:57 GMT  Report for Abuse   

Excellent post. Agree with you 100% on the Singapore issue. Its unfortunate that our politicians do not come close to a person like Lee Kuan Yew as far as having a long term plan/vision set out for the country. Of course there will be many on this forum who'd argue about the low standards of democracy in Singapore. But I believe that as long as the leaders work for the welfare of the whole nation the people would back them whole heartedly. The only thing MR has going for him right now is the war and he's holding onto that, other than that I don't see him being any different to CBK.
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