One sixth of Tamil Tigers` internationally raised funds come from Australia, says Sri Lanka Foreign Secretary

  • 10 Apr 2007 09:33:39 GMT

    [One sixth of Tamil Tigers` internationally raised funds come from Australia, says Sri Lanka Foreign Secretary ]

    No wonder. Gaja is there.


  • 10 Apr 2007 09:52:46 GMT

    Kohona is having a good time with the forex earned by hard working Slankan maids in the Arab world. Instead of wasting money on such missions pay attention to what is happening in SL. Australian government should ask Kohona what has he acheived as the head of peace secretariate during the past 2 years. Is he really a Phd? or an animal doctor.

  • 10 Apr 2007 12:37:09 GMT

    What credibility or intergrity does the Sri Lankan Government or it`s Foreign Secretary has, to question about the Tamils charity funds? That money is spent for medical aids for the innocent victims of Sri lankan Government`s daily Air-raids and Multi Barrel/Artilary barrage in the North & East of Sri Lanka. These donated funds are earned via sheer hardwork (by tamils), but they (Tamils) are happy to donate for their brothers and sisters who are affected in Tamil Eelam.

    First of all Australian Government should ask the Sri Lankan Foreign Secretary;

    1)How so many killings of Tamils and Kidnappings taking place only after Rajapakse took over the Government? More than 5,000 already killed.

    2)What happened to inquiry on the killing of 11 Tamil Aid Workers in Mutur?

    3)How 5 Tamil School Boys killed in Trincomalee?

    4)Why they bombed and killed 61 innocent School girls in killinochchi?

    Everybody (including Australian Government)knows why Tamils want Tamil Eelam. They know how successive Sri lankan governments from 1948 suppress Tamils.

    Tamils can peacefully live only in Tamil Eelam

  • 10 Apr 2007 13:37:30 GMT

    I do not think Australia officially extends any support to the LTTE. Unofficially there would be so many tamils domiciled in Aussi who either willingly or under duress contribute to LTTE coffers. But how would banning the LTTE prevent such private collection and remittances of funds?

    Most of the LTTE representatives in Aussi are high intellectuals such as professors, doctors, lawyers etc etc with high reputation in Aussi society.


    Where are you? Do you endorse what Palitha Kohona says?

  • 10 Apr 2007 14:35:34 GMT

    It is a very good gestimate. How did Dr. Kohona come to this conclusion.

  • 10 Apr 2007 17:10:28 GMT

    Very soon Ltte will become beggers in the world

  • 10 Apr 2007 17:15:29 GMT

    [One sixth of Tamil Tigers` internationally raised funds come from Australia]

    Thats very small compared to the amount of Tamils in Australia and their economic wealth. Hope the foreign secretary dint get his numbers wrong.

    Based on the number of camps destroyed per week, reble killed and boats sunk you cannot rely of GOSL numbers. Any way LTTE should look at this information and try to improve.

  • 10 Apr 2007 18:48:53 GMT

    Dear Aussie LTTE funders,

    You may remember that hard earned money from the EU donors will remain frozen for many decades. ( both EU and Canada) due to EU freezing of funds.

    They were fooled yet again by the LTTE who may have promised to return money in 3 years.

    Some of them may have been forced to take loans, re-mortgages, beg and borrow or miss one meal to give your valuable money to fund the killing machines but now they are frozen while they have to pay off debts through your nose.

    Still they have a reason to cheer !

    It is because they will know that with their MONEY the LTTE can not-

    1 kill fellow tamils as they have done ( 5000 EPRLF/EPDP in ?89, 1500 Mahattaya a supporters in ?99, 1500 tamil speaking muslim cadres and now eastern tamils)

    1 Less likely to kill innocent tamil kids ( 6000) so that they can learn the alphabet unlike the lucky Praba?s kids

    2 That they are less likely to recruit kids to be sacrificed later ( 5368 since CFA)

    3 Less likely to kill all tamil political opponents ( 900 since CFA)

    4 Less likely to kill principals/hindu priests

    5 Less likely to deny all human rights to tamils under their control so that they will have some dignity.

    6 Less likely to give puppethood to all tamils who live in extream fear

    7 More likely not to create another senseless war to give more misery

    8 More likely to accept peace ending 25year suffering etc etc.

    This is what happens when to take the side of terrorism !

    No doubt you will agree with me.

    Some of the money they donated are very well secure in the bottom of the sea from recent debacles by LTTE. Some of the money unfortunately were used to keep 40,000 fellow tamils as human shields because the LTTE ?loves them? but the pictures of lost weapons you may have seen.

    If your leader grasped the peace opportunity the previous govt. gave no one will need your money. But unfortunately the leader can survive only if there is war ! So, all of you are paying for the utter stupidity of one man who is against peace !

    Remember willing or unwilling contributions mean that YOU TOO ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE TAMIL ANHILIATION by the LTTE.


  • 10 Apr 2007 20:22:30 GMT

    Recent article......

    `Defacto state` of LTTE does not provide even a grain of rice or a panadol to the long suffering tamils despite collecting billions`

    `Tamils are stranded in the ruins and ashes of myth of eelam in the Vanni concentration camp`

    Hence more money-- much much more misery and agony for tamils !

    Think hard........

  • 10 Apr 2007 21:18:26 GMT

    [Australian government should take this issue very seriously.]

    And match dollar for dollar or at least give a tax break.