Amnesty knocked out of World Cup

  • 8 Apr 2007 12:08:03 GMT

    Our people should target their members as they are targeting our cricketers.mahinda must impose travel ban on them .Our team was playing well before they started their campaign.Now these dogs have demoralized our cricketers.they didnt play up to their standard in last 2games.If we couldnt win worldcup, we must target their local members.

  • 8 Apr 2007 12:10:29 GMT

    Me too..Oh these LTTE maveers..

  • 8 Apr 2007 12:58:38 GMT

    mahinda & jvp used this amnesty in 1987 to defame our Govt .It is who went after this AI .But today they are coming after mahindaya.But AI shouldnt blame our cricket team.

  • 8 Apr 2007 13:18:03 GMT

    Wow amazing, 6 different posts and the total IQ level is still somewhere below my show size.

    Well done Sri Lanka, you have once again proved to the world you are a bunch of crybaby terrorists who care nothing for human rights.

  • 8 Apr 2007 14:13:11 GMT

    [Stop LTTE because they are/have been a threat to all SRI LANKANS. Then under the law hold corrupt officials in trial. ]

    jagath only problem with that is the fact that the corrupt officials ARE the law as well.

    [We do care about human rights. What would your solution be for it? Stop the war? ]

    Stop the war against the TAMIL PEOPLE, so far there has been no verifiable denting of the LTTE, but over 2,000 Tamil civilians are dead and over 300,000 newly made homeless. not to mention the disappearances, attacks on fishermen (both Tamil and Indian), the various attrocities (17 aid workers, 5 students in Trinco, etc.)

    if the Sri Lankan government wants to show Tamils that we are considered part of Sri Lanka, then better start investigating those honestly and hold those responsible to account.

    THIS IS WHAT AI, HRW, The UN etc are asking for!

    BTW Jagath, I take back that IQ quip about you (still stands for the other hooters though), obviously your are smarter than the average punnakku quaffing buffalo, though I don`t agree 100% with your take on things, I will respect it.

  • 8 Apr 2007 14:32:56 GMT

    Auction Sale Of Opposition MP`s Bidding starts At 50 Million each piece.

    This is the state of affairs in SL.

    no time to think or talk about Human Rights

  • 8 Apr 2007 15:28:24 GMT

    [Ravi said: stop war against Tamil people]

    Oh is that right? Then why has the LTTE killed more than 8,000 fellow Tamils since 1983?

    And also why did they kill more than 200 democratic Tamils during the 2002 CFA?

  • 8 Apr 2007 16:52:11 GMT

    Good urgent steps taken by the foreign ministry.

  • 8 Apr 2007 19:42:07 GMT

    [Honestly, I don`t know what will happen in the end. If the military might of the LTTE is defeated, right then should the people of SRI LANKA get rid of all the corrupt parties. They should all go on trial, and if Prabahkaran is captured alive, he too should go on trial.

    Then the political solution (possibly a federal state) should be put in place.]

    But mate the government even now before defeating the LTTE have ruled out a federal solution. And before there even was an LTTE what happened to Tamil grievieances? So I do not share you faith in the Sri Lankan political system. If there was no LTTE there wouldn`t eveb be a second thought for the Tamil people.

    The Sri Lankan political systems needs a total overhaul, right now every branch serves only to protect those in power, it is too bad that the majority of Sinhalese people do not seem to care as long as the GoSL is `winning` the war against the Tamils. The worst thing that could happen to the GoSL is to actually win. They would no longer have anything to distract the masses with from the real problems.

  • 8 Apr 2007 21:03:21 GMT

    [ICC rejects Sri Lanka claims

    Sri Lanka says the campaign affects the morale of the national cricket team

    The International Cricket Council (ICC) has rejected media reports that it has given certain assurances to Sri Lanka over a campaign by a human rights watchdog.

    The ICC Communications Officer told BBC Sinhala that the world cricket governing body is `not involved` in the ongoing battle between the Sri Lanka government and the Amnesty International (AI).

    `This is a matter between Amnesty International and the Sri Lankan government and as such, we are not involved,` James Fitzgerald said in an email message]

    This could be planned conspiracy to demoralize our cricket team who is heading for world champion.Must be some hidden forces behind these amnesty dogs.