Int`l Human Rights Network meets in Sri Lanka

  • 6 Apr 2007 00:26:42 GMT

    Human Rights in Sri Lanka??

    The government of Sri Lanka claims to have destroyed the naval HQ of the LTTE.

    The LTTE claims the building of White Pigeon, a well-respected NGO, was bombarded!

    What is the truth behind it?

    White Pigeon, Sri Lanka works with and receives funding from numerous partners:



    Mine Action Group (MAG)

    Danish De-mining Group (DDG)

    Swiss Foundation for Mine Action

    Norwegian Peoples Aid (NPA)

    The White Pigeon office in Puthukkudiyiruppu is well known to the Government Agent, UN, ICRC, and international humanitarian organizations. This site houses the lab that constructs the prosthetic limbs and co-ordinates the Mine Awareness Programs in the area.

    These International organizations and INGOs are yet to condemn this heinous, terrorist act by the Srilankan Government. Nor have they pro claimed the building that was bombed yesterday belonging not to the White Pigeon!

    Silence is to abet!!

    So, let me an ordinary Tamil civilian craving for truth, justice and freedom figure out the truth.

    In 2002, Venpura or White Pigeon was a NGO also in the eyes of Sri Lanka.

    (See further down: Ceylon Daily News on Monday 23 Sep 2002.)

    Analysis: After the Kattunayake Airbase attack, when the GOSL needed time to recoup and thus signed CFA in 2002, the White Pigeon was recognized as a charity organization.

    In 2005, the same White Pigeon was portrayed a LTTE unit.

    Analysis: recouped and regrouped, having refurbished its armoury and ready to role the war machinery to mow down the Tamils, anything and everything that helped Tamils in any and every way had to be identified as terrorist or aligned with LTTE. Norway became white Tigers. It would be always handy to identify all Tamil charity, medical, educational and cultural & even religious organizations as LTTE organs or fronts.

    (See further below: forum)

    Yesterday, the Government of Sri Lanka bombed the building of White Pigeon and destroyed another Tamil institution.

    Fact: In Aug 2006, After bombing Sencholai - a girls institution to kill more than 60 young girls, the Government of Sri Lanka claimed it bombed a LTTE training camp.

    Fact: Failing all attempts to show, to the world, TRO as a LTTE funding organization, the government of Sri Lanka has, from Aug 2006, frozen the funds of the TRO which won a presidential award for its dedicated services from the former president of Sri Lanka Mrs. Chandrika Bandaranaike in 2004.

    Which is going to be the next target?

    GOSL has claimed the following are Suspected LTTE Front Organisations


    Then again the IC, and the INGOs may continue to abet Sri Lankan State Terrorism by keeping silence.

    But the LTTE cannot await the IC to wake up and act.

    It is the LTTE that needs to act to protect the Tamils and their institutions.

    Monday, 23 September 2002

    `Venpura` movement has unearthed 1,58,000 land mines in 38.5 million square metres of land. No lesser than two million land mines in an area of 1,474 square metres are yet to be cleared, states `Venpura` movement.

    Analysis: - LTTE cashing in on Tsunami

    Thursday, 6 January 2005 - 9:47 PM SL Time

    The Tsunami disaster is providing opportunity for terrorist groups to recruit and to raise funds for terrorism on the back of the massive generosity pouring out of developed nations, sources reveal.

    The LTTE is at present carrying out a massive fraud in trying to raise funds for terrorism, exploiting the misery of the Tsunami victims in the North and the East. Supported by LTTE propaganda machines such as the Tamil Net, its newspapers and radio stations overseas, it is creating a perception among the Tamil Diaspora that Tamil Tsunami victims are not assisted in their hour of need by anyone, other than its front organisation, the TRO. (Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation)

    A special Canadian Senate Committee issued a report on security and intelligence that identified charitable fund-raising in Canada by international terrorist groups as a problem and recommended changes to the Income Tax Act in Canada.

    A consultant to this committee, Don Gracey who was interviewed in Ottawa has stated `The Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation (TRO) was one group identified by the committee that in fact, raised money for guns and material used by the Tamil Tigers`.

    The LTTE and its front the TRO are projected as the only `saviours` of the Tamils. This is consistent with the LTTE`s stated position that it is the `sole representative of the Tamils` to achieve its goal of an ethnically pure Tamil enclave in the North and Eastern Sri Lanka.

    The LTTE is insisting that government and Foreign aid to the North and the East is handled by its front, the TRO. The recipients of this aid in the North and the East are not aware that they are receiving Sri Lankan government and foreign aid, but are under the impression that it is the LTTE and the TRO who are providing them with aid.

    Projecting this fraudulent perception to the Tamil Diaspora, the LTTE and its front organisations are raising funds in the West. According to a Terrorism expert these funds will be diverted by the LTTE to purchase arms and explosives and to further its terrorist cause. He quoted examples of Hezbollah and Noraid who consistently raised funds for rehabilitation and diverted it to purchase weapons and the LTTE`s own past record of such activity. The LTTE urgently needs funds to purchase the considerable military material lost to the Tsunami wave.

    Tamil owned shops and franchise post offices in London are plastered with posters requesting donations for the Sri Lankan Tsunami disaster. The posters, scream out `Sri Lanka Tsunami Relief`, `White Pigeon`, `MIOT`, `British Charity number 1066824` `Tel. 020 8265 2764`.

    British Charity Commission has no record of a charity called `White Pigeon`. However there is a LTTE unit called `Venpura` ) White Pigeon). They set fire to a Tamil Tsunami victim relief camp in Jaffna a few days ago because the victims were accepting handouts from the Sri Lankan army and the LTTE views this as being `traitorous`, to accept aid from the enemy.

    Charity number 1066824 is the Medical Institute of Tamils (MIOT) a sectarian organisation MIOT is known to be sympathetic to the LTTE and acts as a front for the LTTE, a listed terrorist organisation in the United Kingdom.

    One such sub post office plastered with these fund raising posters is to be found at Hampden Square, in Southgate, North London, Three young Tamils in partnership run the post office franchise. When the `Island` inquired in to the Charity from the post office, I was told that the Sri Lankan government is not helping Tamils and only the TRO is helping Tamils. The perception of state discrimination of Tamils, and of Tamils being abandoned by the state to suffer the consequences of the Tsunami disaster and requests are made from the British public for donations on this basis.

    However International NGO`s such as the UN agencies, which operate in LTTE, held areas confirm that Sri Lankan government and foreign aid is reaching LTTE held areas. Tamil Net fails to acknowledge this fact.

    When inquired further, the Tamil gentleman confirms that the White Pigeon fund raising campaign is being carried out by the TRO. One wonders why the TRO is not collecting funds under its own charity status and is using MIOT another charity.

    On 4th October 2000 The Island newspaper exposed the TRO as a LTTE front in an article titled `British Charities Fund Terrorists`. Subsequently the British Charity Commission, its bank accounts frozen and documents seized, raided the TRO. The TRO in the United Kingdom is still under investigation by the British Charity Commission. The Commission has appointed a British solicitor to manage/supervise the Tro in the United Kingdom and no funds could be released without the approval of this officer who has been appointed by the British Charity Commission.

    The LTTE was using the TRO as its main money laundering vehicle transferring millions of pounds out of the United Kingdom, without paying VAT or Corporation Tax by exploiting its `Charity` status. With the TRO in the UK now under investigation by the British Charity Commission, the LTTE seems to be trying to use other charity Commission, the LTTE seems to be trying to use other charities to collect and transfer funds out of the United Kingdom.

    Hampden Square post office also quite inadvertently informed me that no one is contributing to the charity, other than Tamils. The British public are reasonably well informed about charity scams. Already the metropolitan Police have arrested several individuals in connection with trying to raise funds from the British public via various internet scams exploiting the Tsunami disaster. Publicity of these scams ensures that most donations are made to mainstream charities such are Oxfam or Save the Children. Therefore those who are contributing to the LTTE`s coffers are predominantly members of the Tamil Diaspora who are sympathetic to the terrorist cause or are somewhat ignorant of the ground realities.

    Meanwhile the TamilNet continues with its propaganda. The latest article about the TRO is full of praise for its Tsunami activity. The LTTE, a listed terrorist organisation in the United States and the United Kingdom is using one LTTE front, the TamilNet, to praise another LTTE front, the TRO. Interestingly it describes the TRO as `an NGO registered with the government of Sri Lanka` in an attempt to gain credibility. Prior to the Island article on 4th October 2000, titled `British Charities Fund Terrorists`, the TRO marketed itself as a `British Registered Charity`.

    After three years of signing the CFA to appease the international pressure, in 2005, as the GOSL has purchased all kinds of armaments and was ready for war, it started its propaganda war over any and all Tamil institutions. Thus white Pigeon became a LTTE Unit!

  • 7 Apr 2007 02:12:39 GMT

    [Int`l Human Rights Network meets in Sri Lanka ]

    GOSL will not be too happy with this for sure. They will find ways to remove or make life difficult for such groups . all to make sure they do not stay.

    Lets see who is more resilient.

    If the IHRN stays the life span of MR&Co. is limited.

    Mahinder will be arrangeing his network to make sure such HR groups never set a base in SL.