Indian PM to visit Sri Lanka?

  • 2 Apr 2007 09:12:19 GMT

    MR.Indian PM didn`t visit his closest neighbour for 20 years.

    Don`t blame him, he is busy in his party`s election campaighn. Infact he is the head of world`s largest democracy.

  • 2 Apr 2007 09:30:56 GMT

    Another pet talk from Big Brother.

    MR want forget his first visit as President and how things worked after that.

    A vist from Indian PM after clearing East including Thoppigala will make MR in command than now.

  • 2 Apr 2007 15:09:25 GMT

    Though India helped LTTE by providing weapons, military training and logistic support finally they treated India by killing thousands of IPKF soldiers and rajiv Gandhi. India must be shamed to help such an organization thinking that they made a big mistake. That is why not a single PM of India visited to Sri Lanka for the last 20 years.

    Now they know military forces of SL will destroy this terror group and bring the democrasy to North and East of Sri Lanka. PM of India will vist as a curtasy of this good of of Sri lankan military forces. In future he will visit Sri Lanka very frequetly.

  • 2 Apr 2007 20:17:00 GMT

    I think Indian PM does not make many state visits as the SL geezer because they do not beg around the world.

  • 2 Apr 2007 20:35:40 GMT

    Better watch his back if there is any gurd of honour. Sri Lankan Forces dont know the meaning of honour.

  • 3 Apr 2007 01:27:40 GMT

    [Better watch his back if there is any gurd of honour. Sri Lankan Forces dont know the meaning of honour.]

    with photo ;:

  • 3 Apr 2007 02:17:40 GMT

    [ Indian PM to visit Sri Lanka? ]

    Why? dosen`t he know the truth? He can see it happening at his door step.

    One thing for sure India will not give anything to GOSL.

    You can be sure the top beggers will be there in force and they would probabally cry about the actions of the LTTE and they will try and hide the fact they made a weapons deal with China by bypassing India. Hopeing against all hope India will not know .

    [Late Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was the last Indian Prime Minister to make a State visit to Sri Lanka, in July 1987 to sign the Indo-Lanka Accord. ]

    But the most important fact is will the Indian PM come to SL?

    For those who think of squeezeing anything from India forget it. Yesterday 150,000 fishermen had a strike in Chenai in protest of the SLN`s killing of Indian fishermen.

    They are demanding the Indian gov. take stern action against the SLN. The Indian Gov. will believe its own people anytime compaired to GOSL who have lied ti India so mant times and continue to lie even after getting cought red handed .

    Pathatic Sorry Lanka.

    Soon SL will not have any friends left. Even now only countries which want something SL has are the only ones who are talking to SL none others.

  • 3 Apr 2007 09:01:04 GMT

    [Article: Indian PM to visit Sri Lanka?

    Monday, 2 April 2007 - 7:48 AM SL Time ]

    india should refuse the red carpet welcome or the guard of honour by the sherilenka the fake state!

  • 3 Apr 2007 09:21:59 GMT

    India or the world can`t afford to lose the well educated, decent and pious PM Dr Manmohan Singh, the ground situation is not good for the Indian PM visit, PM if you want to visit Lanka please come with your own security, remember what happened to Late Rajiv Gandhi in Colombo. It happened in front of the country`s president and they gave lame excuses for the incident.

    They would not hesitate to say you gave us a faulty radar that was why SL force got angry and shot him.

  • 3 Apr 2007 09:32:16 GMT

    No wonder indian priministers dont come to srilanka.

    specially srilanka have been run by thugs for more than 20 years.

    but the thugs have no shame they go and fall in indias leg whenever they want anything.

    Better watch his back if there is any gurd of honour. Sri Lankan Forces dont know the meaning of honour.

    those are Guard od horroe