State vehicles - investigate the big picture

  • 26 Mar 2007 02:36:02 GMT

    In Sri Lankan society competition to out do anothers lifestyle is a reality. As a result luxury cars and lavish living take prime place. If `A` has a Pajero` his friend `B` wants to get a `Prado`. Luxury vehicles are associated with power and money. Even if people do not have a finger nail to scratch their backs the outward appearence to the world they give does not give that impression. By hook or by crook people attempt to seek their goals of depicting rich life styles. That`s why the Sri Lankan economy is running on debt and most peoples` private economies too are running on debt!! But everything looks prosperous.

  • 26 Mar 2007 06:33:52 GMT

    Exactly if gota clamp on state propertiy misuse,First he should find a seperate prison to lock them.

    If a commaner buy a small car 1000cc/1500cc he or she has to pay three times of the correct CIF of the vehicle as duty approximately.

    Importers are desperate to face duty flares and misuse channels to survive.

    Customers endup getting something tricky for there lifetime dream.

    More misuse whatever party will, double burden to commaners.

  • 29 Mar 2007 04:04:30 GMT

    Just like everything in SL, nothing changes. It never will.

    The same sinario is played out every where ,everytime and by everyone in the GOSL. ( I am not generalizing) It is true.

    Everytime a serious issue is brought up everyone makes a fuss , includeing the people hwo had committed the same crime but is not cought. Then a presidential commission is formed, and that is that. The matter is swept under the rug. Or in another sinario LTTE dose something and the matter of misuse and corruption goes under.

    Everytime a new gov. comes to power a few heads will roll` so to speak` but it is all a show to give the impression that the present gov. is different. This is only a show. Soon it will be doing the same thing ( crime) only in a slightly different form. Full marks must be given to come up with ideas on how to swindle and plunder the GOSL.

    As all matters in SL goes the rich are richer and the Poor are getting even poorer. If you are in the GOV. srevice you have the same chance as the next crook to make as much money you can based solely on your creative method you use to plunder, exploit and capatalise on the weaknessess in the system. The key is exactally that.


    Why? Isn`t it obvious? ................

    From the President and all the way down to the security guard at the gate of our ports are involved in plundering the country in any way possible. As long as the guy who knows what you are doing is paid then it is all just a normal day at the office.Everyone goes home happy as long as they are just as good as the Browns.The only one who will not be too pleased is Mr. Brown who will try to out do his neighbour, and the vicious circle starts all over again. So dose all the other activities that follows which must be done to get even more.

    We all know this some know it better than others. Those who know live better lives and those who do not know complain.

    And the crime spree continues.............