Sripathy was arrested under normal law: President

  • 20 Mar 2007 02:15:12 GMT

    I knew this dude was playing with fire. He might have chosen to be open to the media so as to protect his life but I am afraid he is gonna be buried! some crack pot criminal in prison will take care of him and he will get an extention to his sentence only to be realeased like a hero in a few yrs.

    remember sepala ekanayke!

  • 20 Mar 2007 02:35:24 GMT


    What about the folks listed in the COPE report??????

  • 20 Mar 2007 03:30:51 GMT

    What law will deal with Mangala ?

  • 20 Mar 2007 04:02:04 GMT

    [Sripathy was arrested under normal law: President ]

    Hurry up all the PEHs - come and get your daily dose PUNNAKKU!!

  • 20 Mar 2007 05:21:23 GMT

    Are they arresting all other ministers who have not returned their cars etc?

  • 20 Mar 2007 05:55:46 GMT

    [Sripathy was arrested under normal law: President]

    So the President himself admits there is something called ABNORMAL LAW in this country...


  • 20 Mar 2007 12:36:19 GMT

    What a joke, with this monkey as president!! Oh what waste of poor peoples money! SHAME!

  • 20 Mar 2007 12:38:38 GMT

    [Shakti, do not forget that there is a thing call lynch law.

    What we had during Premadasa?s regime.]

    So we are back in Parmadasa`s time?

    Great. Sreemath Janadhipathithumano dineva!


  • 20 Mar 2007 13:38:21 GMT

    Lanka politics stinks to high heaven.

  • 20 Mar 2007 16:49:26 GMT

    Now that im a JVPer i have to post this speech from our General sec and propaganda sec.. This might carry more weight because it was these very same people who elected `Madumulane Sri Rohana PUNNAKKU rala` just over a year ago...

    `Mahinda put his finger into Ranil`s mouth and said vomit`- Weerawanse

    (LeN-2007 March 20, 7.45 pm) Adderssing the Kurunegale District Conference Chief Secretary of the JVP Tilvyn Silva said `this government is attempting to do the same things which Ranil`s government attempted to do. This government is actually worse that Ranil`s government`.

    He said `this is a movement when the President we appointed has kicked away the mandate the public gave him. This is a moment when the public is in the look out for a new leader to replace him. The problems we had back then, still exist. At least the government has not been able to uphold the basic rights of the people. The price of goods have rocketed to a level like never before. Instead if focusing on reducing the prices of these goods the government is spending money more unnecessarily`.

    `A major publicity was given to the fact that President`s son has been sent for war. Now where is he? He not here, he is studying in America. Why are the country`s leaders lying so much. It is only the children of our poor people that fight to safeguard our country. The issue is that Mahinda Rajapakse has not read the Mahinda Chinthana. It is because of that he is talking of a devolution of power. Though the Chinthana is in the body it is not in the soul. The penalties given to Mangala and Sripathi should be given to all the others as well. Actually this government is doing the same things which the Ranil government attempted to do,` Chief Secretary of the JVP said.

    Meanwhile addressing the Badulla District Conference Wimal Weerawanse said `when Ranil was suffering with the conspiracy inside his stomach the president poked his fingers into Ranil`s mouth and made him vomit. When he was vomiting the president held his sarong and collected 18 people. After those 18 left Ranil is feeling much better. He doesn`t go abroad often. Even though he can`t takeover the government he is at least saying that he will. He gained a new strength after Rajapakse took over his worries. Though he took 18, he couldn`t handle and digest all of them. Three fell out. One crept in, another has been arrested for misusing a vehicle`.

    `It is true that misusing public property is a great offence, but if the law is being imposed fairly half of the ministers` should be in Welikada`, Weerawanse said.