Mangala says Matara voters won`t desert him

  • 17 Mar 2007 05:47:50 GMT

    [Mr. Dallas entered politics by contesting the Provincial Council Elections in 1993 and obtained the highest number of preferential votes in that election. Next he contested the 1994 Parliamentary Election and again obtained the highest number of preferential votes in the election in which the former Minister Mr. Mangala Samaraweera obtained only the 5th place out of the 5 victorious PA candidates from the District. However, elitist Chandrika did not give due recognition to the choice of masses and Mr. Dallas was forced to remain as a back-bencher while Mr. Samaraweera was elevated to be one of the powerful Ministers in the government.

    A.A.M.Nazim, Matara!!]



  • 17 Mar 2007 05:49:50 GMT

    Amathikama nathi mangala

    lella nethi kehel gediyak wage dan!!


  • 17 Mar 2007 06:18:22 GMT

    Dingi Mahaththaya,

    [Amathikama nathi mangala

    lella nethi kehel gediyak wage dan!! ]

    Amathikama Nathi Mangala

    Kehel Gediya nathi Lella wage....

  • 17 Mar 2007 06:34:04 GMT



    Amathikama Nathi Mangala

    Kehel Gediya nathi Lella wage....]

    Oba hari!!

    Pagapu hame ekama lessala vatenawa.

    JVP eka meka therila hemeeta pathththakata una!!



  • 17 Mar 2007 08:02:28 GMT

    Desert or not, wonder what the Matara voters have to state when they hear how Mangala used publics money to fix escalator for the comfort of his ailing mother (With due respect to this lady)when the many Matara mothers could avail themselves to basic facilities??????

    How come this lady become so special to Mangala over the mother`s of his voters????????????

    Hope, the voters/supporters will take this kindly.......

  • 17 Mar 2007 08:56:34 GMT

    Less than 10 years ago, Sripathy was found guilty of fraud at a Navy base in the North and was Discharged from the Navy. Sripathy Admitted to the fraud. Within a matter of a few years the SAME SRIPATHI manages to enter parliament by gaining over 70,000 Preferental votes (if my memory serves me correct).

    IT IS THE VERY SAME Buffalos who voted for Sripathi from Gampaha, voted for Sri Rohana PUNNAKKU RALA and made him

    president the very next year. All this while Motta Rala was CAUGHT RED HANDED trying to steal Tsunami aid from the poorest of the poor.

    It is the VERY SAME sripathi who campaigned Vigorously and along with Mangala and the JVP, who helped MR fool the Idiots in SL, and make PUNNAKKU rala the President.

    The ONLY difference between Sripathi and MR was, Sripathi was found guilty of FRAUD. MR used his powers to stop the investigation (so was not found guilty).

    So whose fault is it that DOGS like Sripathi and MR are in politics??? Its the `highly Intelligent` idiots who are given voting rights in SL. Politicans are expected to be Crooks and thugs, but when you elect these DOGS to power, people of a country have no right to complain agianst them!!

  • 17 Mar 2007 09:14:27 GMT

    [The SLFP CC also decided to replace Sripathy Suriyaraachchi as the Kelaniya organizer with Minister Mervyn Silva.]

    LOL.. MR is Definitely `UPGRADING`!! :) Pera - why dont you also post the Credentials of Mervin Silva, to show us all why he is the most sutable person to replace Sripathi.. Im sure your friend AAM Nizam from Matara would have written an article of that also. Hey Do you know the type of Mental case this AAM Nizam from Matara is??? I do!!

  • 17 Mar 2007 09:17:22 GMT

    [Amathikama nathi mangala

    lella nethi kehel gediyak wage dan!!]

    [Amathikama Nathi Mangala

    Kehel Gediya nathi Lella wage....]

    Wow . . .

    SLFP internal crisis

  • 17 Mar 2007 13:17:00 GMT

    [Amathikama Nathi Mangala

    Kehel Gediya nathi Lella wage....]

    the ministers must have saved enough for few generations.

    when next election comes a summersault still in the cards.

    but the buffalos just eat punnakku and clap the hands for the winner.

    Jayawevwa !

  • 17 Mar 2007 13:29:12 GMT

    There is always National Member of Parliament list.....

    Just drink the Troica brand `buffalo Milk` ...