Protocol not followed during envoys` Batti visit, says FM

  • 3 Mar 2007 04:07:07 GMT

    [Btw, it doesnt say much of the military`s capabilities or intelligence when this delegation can so easily be shelled. It wouldnt give any one the impression that the SL defense amounts to much let alone their ability to mount a credible offense against LTTE.]

    And aside from the above, it looks like even the FM has ascertained that they have not been following the required protocols after all!

    Too bad the FM had to leave the other vacationing 265 behind and return from China. We really need to check if any government in history has made a trip with 266 delegates to another country, specially with about 21% inflation and a war going on.

    The SLG provides regular entertainment to the world. What a joke they are.

  • 3 Mar 2007 10:28:47 GMT

    [Article: Batticaloa attack: Security negligence?]

    yes it is, the govt of srilanka should take the full responsibility for the suffering of these injured ambassodors.

    [Protocol not followed during envoys` Batti visit, says FM]

    [Minister Bogollagama, who rushed back to Colombo from China yesterday, said as a result of the attack he had now decided to insist on the implementation of the protocol in future involving aspects like giving prior notice to the Foreign Ministry before visiting areas outside the capital in particular areas of concern.

    `Several of these procedures are not practised in its correct context. But now it has given us the need to practise this with greater interest and concern. So it has been re-applied,` Minister Bogollagama told the media at his Ministry after briefing foreign envoys on the Batticaloa incident.]

  • 3 Mar 2007 11:40:02 GMT

    [US should monitor citizen Gotabhaya`s conduct - Samaraweera

    [TamilNet, Friday, 02 March 2007, 12:49 GMT]

    Former Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera alleged Thursday that Sri Lankan Defence Secretary Ghotabhaya Rajapaksa is an American citizen and the US government must monitor his conduct against freedom of media in Sri Lanka.

    Mangala Samaraweera

    The former minister in the United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) government, sacked by President Rajapakse accused SL President Rajapakse`s brother Gotabhaya Rajapakse as responsible for the recent harassment of journalists. Mr. Gotabhaya`s behaviour was a violation of US laws as well, noted the former Sri Lankan Foreign Minister.

    Samaraweera came with these remarks at a press conference held Thursday in the parliamentary committee room at the Sri Lanka Parliament complex.

    A section of the UPFA government is attempting to crush the freedom of the press by intimidating media persons, he said.

    The press meet was convened to expound the present trend of the government where he informed that he will be suing Gotabaya Rajapakse, the Secretary of Defence and the Sinhala daily Divaina for deformation.]

  • 3 Mar 2007 18:52:56 GMT

    It is a pity that no attempt is made to solve the Tamil problem. Both sides are trying to side tract the main issue. I think we need an efficient mediator to get both parties together.