Mahanayake Thera tells Govt. members to unite

  • 11 Feb 2007 23:11:19 GMT

    President ? Mangala, Anura, Sripathi patch up ongoing

    [A group of ministers, businessmen and mutual friends of President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the three ministers sacked on Friday, are working to bring about a reconciliation between the two estranged parties, a close confidant of the President told Daily Mirror from Male yesterday.

    ?On the President?s side, there still is room. No decision is irreversible. If the right chords are struck, there is a very good chance of a patch up? said this official.

    However, he added that a lot will depend on how the three ex-ministers Mangala Samaraweera, Anura Bandaranaike and Sripathi Sooriyarachchi conduct themselves in the next few days.]

    NOTE: `It will ALL Depend on how the three CONDUCT themselves in the next few days..` (this is the PUNNAKKU version).

    The ENGLISH translation of this would be

    [`DONT expose the plundering that is happening under me and my brothers and i will give you back your ministeries`! ]

    Interesting times!! :)

  • 11 Feb 2007 23:28:56 GMT

    Mahanayake tells govt members to unite to suppress and kill tamils.

    These theros were and are a major cause of the continuing ethnic trobles.

    Some JHU morons are fasting until the CFA is abolished and this one is asking the sinhalas to unite to destroy the tamils.

    These theros will ultimately responsible for the destruction of Sri Lanka.

  • 11 Feb 2007 23:35:58 GMT


    [ These theros were and are a major cause of the continuing ethnic trobles.


    LTTE killed the HIndu Preist in Batticaloa.

    Rev, Joseph Rayappu, Mannar, did not even open the mouth.

    What do you say ?.

  • 11 Feb 2007 23:41:14 GMT

    Let`s hope `nosedive` will come to an end with this demand.

  • 12 Feb 2007 00:25:58 GMT

    Yes haven`t you Sinhalese racists learnt anything from your white masters? When it comes time to killing minorities they all get together.

    [`DONT expose the plundering that is happening under me and my brothers and i will give you back your ministeries`! ]


    With their security withdrawn, I think it is more like don`t expose us and you won`t see the inside of a white van in your near future ;)

  • 12 Feb 2007 00:28:01 GMT

    Venerable Mahnayake thera has misunderstood the politics in a true Democratic state and with great respect I beg to differ.To protect the territorial integrity and the security of the country,one need not cross benches and seek portfolios.They, the rouges who cross the benches, could have supported the gosl from the opposition benches,put there by the democratic wishes of the people.Integrity and the security of the state can only be protected by the security forces,and they are professionals paid to do that job.Some of these rouges who opposed the government`s policies one time,with respect to the integrity of the nation etc, and if they have changed those policies to adopt the policies of the present administration,then they must go to the country and ask the people.I hope our learned thera is not advocating an undemocratic state that might lead to an unaccountable dictatorship of some plunderers.This has nothing to do with security or development.Therefore I would humbly request the prelate not to comment on the running of a country,as they are not truly knowledgeable in the subject. What is happening now is the hijacking and mocking of democracy in that humble country.Why do you need so many portfolios for a poor country like SL,to solve the problems of security and territorial intergrity?

  • 12 Feb 2007 00:28:43 GMT

    [Malwatte Chapter Mahanayake the Most Venerable Thibbotuwawe Sumangala Thera yesterday insisted that the members of the government should leave behind their differences for the sake of country`s unity and territorial integrity]

    It is easier said than done to `leave behind` one`s differences. Most of us tend to carry forward unresolved differences. Tamils have the same problem as the Sinhalese - in terms of leadership differences.

    The country is therefore ready for lawful opposition at the local levels. That way Ministers would not have too much on their plates.

    A successful politician would know how to make the best use of differences rather than go after unity that is not a reality for our times at our place.

    The ethnic division is a strong indicator that Sihalese leaders lack the strength of feeling to sacrifice and include minorities as their own. Sacrifice is the shortcut to Oneness. The next best is to proactively work in a calculated manner to use the merit base and facilitate equal access to those benefits that are not within the merit base.

    Most fail to use the latter - facility - because they are after already structured `benefits`. So we go on and on around the narrow circles.

    Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam from Australia

  • 12 Feb 2007 00:31:28 GMT


    The symptoms are related to disorder called `anhedonia`,

    People who suffer from this disease don`t know how to (unable) see positiveness/optimistically in anything really positive.



  • 12 Feb 2007 00:55:34 GMT

    [What about LTTE terrorists, what kind of animals are they]

    The kind that give Sinhalese racists nightmares ;)

  • 12 Feb 2007 01:09:55 GMT