Coronation of a different monster?

  • 12 Dec 2007 07:46:21 GMT

    [these people deserve a real future]

    Future? In Sri Lanka? Are you joking? No one (except politicians) is sure of a `tomorrow` when they set out of their homes, leave alone thinking of a `future` in SL.

  • 12 Dec 2007 10:10:19 GMT

    Looks like freedom and democracy is breaking out in the East.Good for them.

  • 12 Dec 2007 10:13:18 GMT

    [Looks like freedom and democracy is breaking out in the East.Good for them]

    What a carp hypocrite. Do you read the article at least ??

  • 12 Dec 2007 10:39:21 GMT

    What freedom? The present Government is backing more barbarians with blood on their hands to join their political main stream.

    The GOSL will one day win the worlds best joker`s award! Sad!

  • 12 Dec 2007 10:50:51 GMT

    MPs`s relatives are kidnapped to deny them the right to vote on the budget. This is democracy of the president Mahinda Rajapakse.

    [ TNA claims 3 relatives abducted by Pillayan

    The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) today alleged in Parliament the Pillayan group had abducted 3 of their relatives and are being held at a camp in the east. ]Daily Mirror

    This fool, Pillaiyan, does not know that his former boss, Karuna, was smuggled to Britain under the name of Kokila Gunawardene, to marginalise his group TMVP. He will soon be replaced by another donkey waiting in the wing.

  • 12 Dec 2007 11:37:23 GMT

    [Did the government `clear` the East to enthrone a different monster? ]

    Absolutely. This is the game. Take it, give it. Take it, give it. Take it, give it. And make money in the process. Problem is being recycled and reinvented every time we have new leader.

  • 13 Dec 2007 02:24:30 GMT

    JVP is still not rehabilitated. School students of higher classes are not disciplined at all.

    University students come to the University to strike and not to study. Some how once they passed out, it is the responsibility of the govt to provide them jobs.

    So, it is a mess.

    Tamil diaspora blame everything on Sinhala people and the GOSL. But, they don`t ant to admit anything wrong about tamils.

  • 13 Dec 2007 03:01:26 GMT

    [Even the gentlemen and gentlewomen of civil society are now doling out money to attract crowds to their events to impress their donors.]

    It seems Mr. Brown has started reading Midweek Review (I mean, certain articles). Good on you Mr. Brown!!



  • 13 Dec 2007 06:17:45 GMT

    This might be an attempt for a democratic movement.....hope so

    anyway.....we have to admit that......everything in this country is a real mess...the reason behind is that .. it is not/was never was in the correct hands (exept for DS and Dudly)

  • 14 Dec 2007 02:24:08 GMT

    [If the TNA members are `blocking development` in the East, as the Karuna Group claims, then let them be dealt with either politically or legally. Who has given Pilleyan the power to punish anyone? Does he think the East is his grandma`s estate? ]

    If he FEELS it is his grandma`s estate he is right as per Natural Justice. I doubt that MR feels that Batticaloa is his grandma`s estate.

    During presentation of my Tsunami Reconstruction proposal to former president her Excellency Chandrika Bandaranayake Kumaratunge - madam did say that they had a timber home near Maangkerni and said that it was a beautiful place. That was genuine. Then Mahaganapathi (who was later reported to have been shot dead by his enemies) said in support of my proposal that CBK`s mum also was known to have invested in that part of the country. These are natural investments that return rewards through the people of Batticaloa.

    [It is incumbent upon the government to have his threats probed immediately and ensure that he behaves. We don`t want Pilleyan or Karuna to do what Prabhakaran used to do in the East, do we? ]

    Who are the `we`. If we belong - we must share the problems of the East with its people. I am for example struggling to get funds released by the bank for my `meditation cottage` project at Sivathondan Home at Chenkaldy by sacrificing my feelings of justice and applying to pay the debt of $11k claimed by the University of New South Wales which has already used the Office of the Sheriff to remove $20k worth of our family assets. So which one do I give priority to? Our home unit symbolizes our sacrifices to build a home for ourselves in Australia. The fact that our home unit is worth more than 2 million dollars confirms that Natural Justice finds Its way through all these blockades. The caveat on our property by the University of New South Wales means also that we have not been able to participate in the funding of our son`s investment in a home to the extent we wanted to. But Natural Justice worked through his bankers - the Commonwealth Bank - who are primarily funding his purchase. I cried on my own many times thinking of all the people I had helped establish a home. I felt sorry for myself that I could not help my son when others who were helped my me were able to freely help their sons buy property. I often went to church and this time my son accompanied me because he wanted very much to make a home for his two girls who now have two single parents instead of shared one parent. We knew our prayers were answered by Our Lady when our son was able to purchase without needing external money. To me, it was more rewarding to know that my son also was invoking his faith in Our Lady and our family Vairavar to build a home for his girls. That is how he gradually loses his separate identity to become family. East will find its leader because of the genuine people who invest in the east.

    The people of the East are not driven by leadership. They are simple people who want to just share. Recently when I rang Thilagawathi our hostess at Maangkerni during Tsunami reconstruction, I asked Thilagawathi what she wanted from Australia when I go there in February. Thilagawathi said ?anti, you come and that?s enough for us?. When you feel this sweet love ? you are already a part of them. That?s when leadership by example begins. That is the right kind of leadership for the East . The alliance between VP and Karuna was for the temporary purpose of establishing LTTE?s military might.