Sri Lanka offers to hold CHOGM-2011

  • 26 Nov 2007 11:24:00 GMT

    [President Rajapaksa said that considering all achievements during the summit, the CHOGM-007 in Kampala has brought overwhelming success and honours to Sri Lanka.]

    What is this M...n talking about?/ If anything, it has brought the GOSL to disrepute because of its double standard on Pakistan. FM says onething and his boss the opposite. I, for one, admire FM`s courage to disagree with MR and voting for the expelling of Pakistan, which is run by a thug like MR and Mafia gang. Deep down, Rohitha,is a true UNP democrat who still belives in rule of law unlike MR and Mafia gang.

    If the next summit is to be held in Colombo, where will those over 100,000 beggers and 40,000 street children be relocated??? Hambantota.???