Hold Bogollagama to account

  • 25 Nov 2007 07:01:27 GMT

    If he has any sense of shame, Bogols should resign forthwith.

    If he has any sense of Right, MR should sack Bogols pronto.

    My gut feeling is that neither will happen and Bogols will continue his antics as if nothing has happened.

    Wither Sri Lanka?

  • 25 Nov 2007 08:50:55 GMT

    A terrible mishandling by the foreign minister if true.

    Even Sri lanka oppose Pakistan will be sent off but,Sri Lanka should have stand with Pakistan.

  • 25 Nov 2007 10:19:06 GMT

    Pakistan is a failed state.

    Pakistan ill treated fellow Muslims in their former province East Pakistan, they bombed them and raped the women.

    What happened?

    East Pakistan was forced to secede and Bangladesh was formed. Sri Lanka is following Pakistan, there is no other country to follow as a good example?

    Switzerland or Singapore have good multi cultural relationship and progress as rich nations.

  • 25 Nov 2007 12:02:46 GMT

    Hold Bogo to account..

    Rohitha Bogollagama is a shame for Sri Lankan politics..

    I do not understand, who is the fool,who gave him the foreign minister job..

    He is not even good for a tea boy job...

    In the international matters, he got nothing in his head..

    Better, place a donkey as a foreign minister, at least it can make some good decision, better than him..

    The whole Mahinda cabinet filled with fools, and he is the filtered fool ..

    It is a fools kingdom...

  • 25 Nov 2007 12:18:47 GMT

    I stand tobe corrected but this is not the first time Hon. Boggols has blundered. We cant have ministers blundering especially the minister of foreign affairs. He could at least learn something from his former colleague Hon. Kadiragamar. The FM is more important than the Prime Minister since it is he who will be representing Sri Lanka throughout the world. I think MR will take a decision after the budget.

  • 25 Nov 2007 15:02:13 GMT

    Editorial :[ Pakistan be suspended from that club of former British colonies is totally unacceptable]

    Shame! to support a military dictator who ousted a

    1. democratic government

    2. Sent the elected PM to exile.

    3. Sack the Chief Judge

    3. rule by emergency

    If Mahinda Rajapakse is ousted in a coup and Sareth Fonseka sent him on exile and sack the SC Chief Justice you support, well, this country has lost everything right and gone mad.

  • 25 Nov 2007 15:14:23 GMT

    One of the biggest diplomatic blunders. It does not matter whether we support or oppose the Commonwealth leaders` decision, it should have been communicated properly.

    Bogels who hold such a responsible office should have known to convey the correct decision of Sri Lankan government. If he had actually made this blunder then he should resign.

    Mareesa and Prince,

    So you are from the same country?

  • 25 Nov 2007 15:30:34 GMT

    Sri Lanka - property of Pakistan

    cowards fighting so called terror and fighting for `democracy` are only fighting for whatever fills the begging bowl next.

    Even prostitutes are more dignified.

  • 25 Nov 2007 16:50:09 GMT

    FM stands by what he did - I couldn`t support a dictator who exciled two PMs and sacked the Chief Judge.

    [No difference - Bogollagama

    Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama who created a diplomatic controversy by supporting the suspension of Pakistan from the Commonwealth, had reportedly told Ugandan media there`s no difference between his stand and the government position on Pakistan.


  • 27 Nov 2007 08:55:18 GMT

    Bog-o-lla-gama has bogged all over the Gama.