Govt. planning to totally privatise SriLankan Airlines: JVP

  • 19 Nov 2007 06:55:21 GMT

    [the expected dividend from the SriLankan Airlines was reduced from Rs.500 million this year to Rs. 100 million next year, the JVP said in parliament that the Government was planning to privatise the SriLankan Airline totally]

    He got it wrong......this is how MR can boost Mihin promoting Mihin Air more and more...SLankan`s revenue will be down day by day.....this is the ultimate goal.....supremecy to Mihin Air...I`m sorry for Sri Lankan

  • 19 Nov 2007 10:59:58 GMT

    Govt is trying to privatise Sri Lankan Airlines? So bloody what, you idiot? Selling off government`s stake in the then AirLanka was the best thing that has happened to Air Lanka ever since it was incepted, and the JVP is showing off their knowledge (or rather the lack of it).

    After Emirates took it over, the levels of customer service and the image of the airline has progressed leaps and bounds and it has also won so many international awards for service quality.

    Letting the government have a hand in Sri Lankan Airlines` affairs (or anything, for that matter) will only reverse all the good work done so far and then will become an employment agency of the minister who is in charge at the time, whether UNP or SLFP.

    The sooner the govt washes its hands off this business, the better for SL Airlines, and the whole of Sri Lanka. Keep your inefficient, corrupt hands off it, so it may prosper.

  • 19 Nov 2007 11:14:42 GMT

    [Govt. planning to totally privatise SriLankan Airlines: JVP]

    Correct way to go for Gov. JVP start reading Capitalism for dummies...

    SriLankan Airlines was loosig money from the day it was started. (From AirLanka days). It was a white elephant all the while eating up tax payers money.

    SriLankan Airlines became profitable only after it was privatised.

    We, Srilankans don`t want to pay salaries for SriLankan Airlines employees, earn yourself.

  • 19 Nov 2007 12:16:14 GMT

    If the government decided to privetise the sri lankan air line,thats one of the very best decisions of the government.

    government control economy is the center of corruption,waste and promotes corruption and billions and billions lost from the public money.

    air ceylon to air lanka to sri lankan air lines,name changess didn`t made any deference for this government run company.if any change took palce,that change is more billions of lossess.

    delays are in not hours but days,not only in other destination points but even in sri lanka.i suggest to give this air line anew name,`air line of shame`.

    countries like singapore,have made rich and famous by their air lines.sri lanka,it`s opposit.

    the main reason is actually the government ownership of businessess.governments are not qualified to do business.evidence can see in around the world.blame should not go to employees but the decision makers of the government and corrupt politicians who need the government run enterprisess to cheat money.that`s the best way to make millions and billions through politics.

    sri lankan government can be a rich institution and financial problems can slove easily if the billions of dollers loss making government businessess privatise and take taxess from the private companies.

    encourage government to privatise the all government run businessess to get rid of corruptions,inefficiency and create a quality and better servicess for the public by doing the servicess government must do,such as education,health care,security.

    thieves and enemies of the public oppose the privatisation.

    sam perera

  • 19 Nov 2007 15:49:57 GMT

    Well said DrJones!

    This(privatization)is the only way forward for one of few things to be proud of.

  • 19 Nov 2007 16:28:56 GMT

    This is a good move and there after can none of mps and ministers intervaine the business of srilankan.

    [By the way [[Mr. Braun!]] i like the new outfit. but i miss a link button to Headlines! ( on the headsiside)]

  • 20 Nov 2007 06:32:04 GMT

    Its good .

    now everything privatised.

    who knows even the people ... be privatised

  • 23 Nov 2007 02:44:53 GMT

    The people who think they have wise brains going very upset about the JVP s anti privatizations stand on important national assets.

    Private businesses should be encouraged and allowed and because of their competition common man can survive.But in transportation, health and other essentials, always there should be a government competitor even though they are less efficient. Privatization is not the only solution to our economic failures. Fist eradicate the bribery and corruption. Then establish work place harmony by giving the due respect to the very important work force.

  • 23 Nov 2007 04:24:44 GMT


    [After Emirates took it over, the levels of customer service and the image of the airline has progressed leaps and bounds and it has also won so many international awards for service quality.]

    But I hear that Emirates have not been transparent about their future plans once their agreement ends. To me that is poor management. Money is third criterion of success. Ownership / Opportunity first Goodwill/People second and Money last.

    Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam - Australian Tamil

  • 23 Nov 2007 05:22:19 GMT

    Air Lanka is a totally mismanaged business. Privatisation is the only answer. this will reduce the corruption and mismangement by religious and political croonies.