Masses aren`t asses, Mr. Sirisena!

  • 1 Feb 2007 16:09:41 GMT

    Nicely written piece.

    [elected by fools for the fools]

    what does what expect the minister to say! he atelast spoke the truth but knows the population will digest it and wont ask for his resignation. damn out of curiosity has any politician resigned although JRJ apparently had everyone sign a undated resignation letter!

  • 1 Feb 2007 17:35:58 GMT

    [Article: Masses aren`t asses, Mr. Sirisena!]

    Ohhh YES they are.

    A Government BY Asses, OF ASSESS, FOR ASSES, !!!

  • 2 Feb 2007 05:14:50 GMT

    Maithri has lost his three,but the ministerial status.