Bonus for teachers who takes less leave

  • 12 Jan 2007 12:27:21 GMT

    Bonus for teachers who takes less leave

    It is better to announce some kind of allowance for the teachers,who are willing to work in the remote sites and also for the students in the form of gradings..

    The teachers working in the cities are making money more than anybody,by giving tuitions..

    It is become a fashion in Sri Lanka to attend the tuition classes..

    Some parts of Sri Lanka,the tuitions become a big profitable busness..There are digital advertisement for the tuition classes every coner of the street.

    Some of the patents are very proud,that there children going for tuition..For the students it is a fashion cat walk..

    If a student really interested in studies, never waste his time in going out in the name of tuition..

    So,it is better to look after the teachers who are willing to work in the remote sites.

    Then only the teachers in the cities will learn good lessons..

  • 13 Jan 2007 18:42:41 GMT

    A good incentive.

    How about having a closer look at the sick leave, which has become a kind of national sport in this country? Bet you this would be even more efficient if serious checks would be made and =the false sick patient= be fired on the spot.

  • 14 Jan 2007 01:29:02 GMT

    First of all Sri Lanka should abolish all Full moon days being public holidays. Vesak and Poson have a significance to the country and those should be the only Full Moon days be public holidays. That will make 10 additional days for Teachers to work. It is absolute stupidity for Sri Lanka to have half of the year holidays and then give incentives for Teachers not to take leave.