Allegations of huge fraud against liquor giant

  • 27 Aug 2006 16:52:15 GMT

    This is true and need to investigate.

    The Harry jayawardanas company behind this huge fraud, This is not the first time that harry jayawardana,s involved involved in coutoms. its enormes times they did. his Stassens Company in 2000 or 1999 did huge fraud with mars chocolaet bars, and devalued many Other confectionaty Items. It was inquired by a brave Custom officer Assistane Supirintendent of Customs Call Mr. Sujith Perera . Sujith Investigate the case and went Harry`s office and search his entire office. Finally Sujith found Secretly located original invoices and Sujith Wanted Harry surrender, Harry threaten Sujith and sai i am th eonly civil person in the security council i can contact President by one call. and Showing his pistol saying this pistol release 16 bullets per minutes and are you still want me to surrender. then Sujith said I insist you to surender and somer how brought harry jayawardana to customs and ask him to sit on the custom bench that all smuglers are suppoesed to sit . Sujith questioned harry till morning and Investigation report given to his higher officers, Through government support harry got released his items while state loosing millions inclyuding similar fruds which sujith found while his search at Harrys office. Sujith argued with DGC and his senior officers and fuinally decided to fuile a case in courts as custiom officer regading this malparctise. The case started hereing and before 2001 april 4th hearing of that case on 24 th of march 2001 Sujith was killed in kelaniya while he is going to office using one of his custom colligue and many other. Thsi issue was raise in rawaya but again it was covered by the incidents when the time past.

    Harry jayawardna is behind Sujiths killion he is the most notorious business Person In sri lanka.

    Friends unfortunaty We are living in Sri Lanka. even non corrupted so call JVP also failed to take them case and it only simple death of a honest man.

    Child lost a father wife lost a husband friends lost a good and honest friend.

    Harry gain half of the Sri lankan vealth.

    Nice stoy ahh. its like faery tale

    Isnt It?

  • 27 Aug 2006 22:11:34 GMT

    Harry funded CBK and her team for a long time, Mahinda included. Obviously he must have missed a payment or two... silly fellow.

  • 29 Aug 2006 17:32:26 GMT

    Obviously Harry Missed a payment to MRs `Helping Hambanthota` Fund... He will correct it very soon, and then this news will be no news. The moment Harrys checks clears, the Inland Revenue department will find that the mistake is on their part and Harry has infact over paid taxes :) :)