Long queues form before Jaffna ATM`s

  • 25 Aug 2006 18:02:51 GMT

    How much have tamil people suffered economically due to the LTTE?

    The economic revival during CFA was a direct threat to the LTTE leadership and hence prevented the people from voting hence the current calamity.

    This is perfectly in keeping with the LTTE leadership doctrine when he said in 2000



    A). 54% of tamils live outside North-East-

    -Out of the 46% if you exclude tamils in East and Jaffna under the govt. the tamil under the clutches of LTTE is only around 25%

    B). 450,000 tamils have fled to Colombo and other areas.

    -If the govt. is discriminating against tamils why are they flocking to Colombo and other areas? The truth is under the govt. they have all human rights just like any other and they are fleeing the barbarism of the liberators.

    -Has a single family moved to the LTTE area from the south ??????? If the LTTE is the defenders of tamils why is no one moving back the freedom land? The truth is the whole of LTTE land is a ?giant torture chamber with out any human rights? and ?tamils open mouth only to eat ?!!

    -If freedom of movement given to tamils most will leave LTTE areas to taste real freedom !!!

    C). 84000 muslims driven away from North. A group who says the govt. is discriminating against tamils, how come tamils not only discriminating but ethnic clensing of muslims?

    D) Hunger 7% higher in LTTE areas. No development, investment , jobs in the freedom land !

    E) Post ceasefire GDP growth in the North was 12.5% ( rest of SL- 5%)

    Yet per capita GDP was 399 ?still lowest due to 2 decades of war

    Agriculture grew by 4% to 32% post CFA

    Industry which was -2% to 11% post CFA

    Increased investment by private sector- E.g-Dialog invested 1 million dollars and provided 25000 mobiles to North

    Northern nominal GDP grew from 29490 million rupees to 42557 post CFA.

    These statistics are poison for LTTE leadership! Jobs, growth, economy, money for people means deterioration of LTTE authority and cadres leaving for better life.

    What does he do ? Create war again and let people suffer for another 25 years !!

    The truth is tamils are will never raise their heads as long as the LTTE cancer plagues them!!

    F) Most expat tamils who come to Colombo dare to go to the freedom land due to skinning of tamils by the LTTE or being detained till money paid. Ex-Rs 500,000 demanded from London tamil and detained

    G) The claim that the LTTE ?control part of the land? as they have police, judiciary and financial structure is just half truth. They have this for there own gain to control population and to skin tamils and businesses.

    All these areas depend on the govt. for health system, schools, universities, infrastructure maintenance and public services.

    Why do not they take these over? The truth is that burden of public services and welfare of masses are not a issue for them.

  • 26 Aug 2006 03:32:04 GMT

    Did the Democratically elected government of Sri-Lanka create this situation or the So Called liberators of the Tamil`s do it? What a way of representation. Innocent civilians are brainwashed, threatened an held hostage by the Representatives.

    It`s about time the Tamil civilians stand up and put and end to LTTE hooliganism, if not they are the ones who are going to suffer. The families of the leaders are living in luxury in the west and the innocent civilians are dieing for no apparant reason.

  • 26 Aug 2006 09:03:17 GMT

    Zbee...are you Chandrika Bandaranayake ?

  • 26 Aug 2006 15:55:29 GMT


    Its a lame one! Try harder.

    It doesn`t matter who I am but i`m saying facts and YES i`m SRI-LANKAN and speak all three languages, got a problem?