Jeyaratnam`s wife held incommunicado

  • 23 May 2006 23:21:33 GMT

    This is how the Government hands over victory to the Tigers. With a government like this, the Tigers do not need to fight.

    Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam from Australia

  • 24 May 2006 00:27:35 GMT

    Well. Is it surprising???

    Not at all.

    Remember Inspector Bastiampillai, who was brutally killed years ago???

    Ask his family how they were treated when the Tamils were rounded up in Colombo immediately after the Presidential elections.

    They will tell you how badly they were treated at the Wellawatte Police Station.

    Sri Lanka, land like no other.

  • 24 May 2006 01:38:48 GMT

    This is a very sad situation by all means. It is the responsibility of the government to protect these people no matter what IP Jeyaratnam is doing now in Vanni, until he is proven guilty.

    It is also worth noting that this incedent is not likely to have anything to do with their Tamilness. If anyone argues that they were treated like this because of their Tamilness, please be aware that there are numerous relatives of expired Sinhala Army Officers (some of them are High Rankers) who are being treated much more worse than this.

    The problem of Sri Lanka is failure of Administration (largely due to bureaucracy) and Racist Tamil leaders (with their political interests) managed to convince innocent Tamils that as something caused because they are Tamils. Failures in administration has nothing to do either with Mahavansa, or with Buddhists Monks or with Sinhala people etc. However, Sinhalas should be held more responsible for electing those administrations since they constitute the majority.



  • 24 May 2006 05:40:33 GMT

    [She appealed to President Mahinda Rajapakse to direct the authorities to stop traumatizing her and her children and to pay in full the back wages of her husband without any delay.]

    Back wages????????

    What the f*** is happening in this country. President and all bloody jokers in the parliament are revising and increasing their salaries. Lord Packeer President is donating his back wages to whom nobody knows.

    This woman being a Police Officers wife, deemed a Traitor by LTTE is living on money sent/given by her relatives. I assume her relatives are not in SL. Definitely a Tiger supporter is feeding this family.

    This is much worse than the plight of any other armed serviceman`s family.

    Did IP Jeyaratnam do pakkili service to the Nation for his family to be treated meanially.

    Ungrateful bastards.


  • 24 May 2006 06:04:45 GMT


    I have to disagree with you here to a certain extend.

    You wrote:

    [The problem of Sri Lanka is failure of Administration (largely due to bureaucracy) and Racist Tamil leaders (with their political interests) managed to convince innocent Tamils that as something caused because they are Tamils.]

    In general terms about the treatment by police you may be right. Perhaps even in Mrs Jeyaratnam`s case you could argue on that line, yes.

    However, in the case I referred to in Mrs Bastiampillai`s case, they were rounded up, purely because they were Tamils. She was treated the same way as all other Tamils even after she had identified herself as the wife of IP Bastiampillai.

    No one can say that the torture and killings of the 5 Tamil students in Trincomalee have nothing to do with they being Tamil.

    Leave alone many of our experiences because we are Tamils. I may understand the suspicions of the security personnel in some cases, but cannot agree that it has nothing to do with I or others being Tamil.

    There will be enough of specific instances one could identify to prove that Tamils are treated that way because they are Tamils.

    A Navarante will not undergo the same treatment a Navaratnam has to endure.

  • 24 May 2006 06:22:22 GMT


    When some body identified as wife of Bastienpillai the younger generation of police would not have known who he was since this happened almost 30 years ago.

    IP Bastienpillai did his duty as a police officer, but does the Tamil Diaspora condemn the killing of Bastienpillai? As I remember Uma Maheshwaran was behind the killing. Wasn`t it the Badminton court in the middle of the jungle led to identify the killer who was a good Badminton player? Anyway not knowing to Mrs. Bastienpillai there could be LTTE members and sympathizers in the extended family. Unfortunately when it comes to national security one can not trust any body even the Singhalese.

  • 24 May 2006 06:32:53 GMT



    If you have read the Daily Mirror article fully you would appreciate the point I was trying to make.

    It was very clear from the article that the OIC knew that who she was and IP Bastiampillai was. In this particular instance no extended family members were involved. The poor lady was in her night dress at the Varandah of the Wellawatte police station for a whole day.

    I wonder whether you know that even the reporter and the photographer of the Tamil news paper Virakesari was taken to task for exposing the plight of the 100`s of Tamils who were at the Police Station for the whole day. It was because they were Tamils. Do you think publishing the photograph has anything to do with National Security?

    No one`s face was visible.

    I wonder if Lankadeepa had published the photograph they would have been harassed.

  • 24 May 2006 12:17:49 GMT

    When she was with her had a very good life with poor tamil peoples bribe money,then she never thinks about

    this poor peoples sufferings or advice her husband not

    to do harm and arrest the innocent young boy who have no connection with LTTE,every day party and geting presents

    from outsiders,now she will have to suffer,this punisment

    not given by the police or the GOSL,but given by the god or faith.

  • 24 May 2006 13:30:42 GMT

    Very Interesting! There are odd individuals became as traitors. That does not include all family members and the whole community. What Sin-halese police is doing the right thing and the way to go. Let these traitors know to whom they were collaborating and feel the pain.

    All Sangaree`s family members are LTTE sympathisers including his children. Kadir`s relatives as well. According to Sin-hela mindset all the Tamils are LTTE. No Tamil is anti LTTE (innocent) until proven otherwise.

  • 24 May 2006 16:51:22 GMT

    The same fate will befall to the traitor,turncoat and the renegade-Muralitahran.