Karu claims conspiracy against UNP

  • 19 May 2006 03:26:23 GMT

    The one and only conspirator is your boss ? Mr wickremasinghe the only leader in the democratic world who has lost 14 election and still hoping to be the presume president of srilanka one day in his day dream ????? may be not in this world but of course the shameless leader of the UNP, SO KARU WHAT HAPPEN TO YOUR BACKBONE ????? AND THE PEOPLES POWER TO GET RID OF THIS GREAT LOSER from the party

  • 19 May 2006 03:33:36 GMT

    Elephant - testecals = Spectacals



    Yeah.. I am waiting for my `admirers` to come and honour me with `foul mouth, uncivilized, under educated etc etc...

  • 19 May 2006 03:52:42 GMT

    Accordign to an interview made public yesterday, Karu is yet to realise the real conspiracy aganst UNP. Lloyd George Sriyananda Fernando, the leader of the Independent Group 3 contesting under the symbol `Spectacles` has clearly mentioned in a press release that they are not going to resign if they are elected, in favour of any other party.

    Seemingly, the former leader of the Group has taken some good amount of money in a bogus deal struck with the Better Economic Managers, and they are yet to realize that.



  • 19 May 2006 03:53:27 GMT


    Yes I am UNDEREDUCATED whereas Sungoat is EDUCATED. Our man sungoat is learning his biggest lesson from Karuna these days!!



  • 19 May 2006 04:05:21 GMT

    This is a conspiracy against Karu by Ranil.

    He wanted to prove the disability of Karu, SB, Rajitha & Co by making them defeated at the CMC election, too.

    Ranil is ably supported by Cooray-Maharoof-Milinda combination. Selection of an Independent Group is another ploy made by this group preventing the selection of UNP candidates to CMC.

    Only way out was to give UNP support to a registered political party contesting for CMC, allow UNP candidates to obtain the membership of that political party and once the other political party members gets elected, get that party`s secretary to nominate the new members after elected candidates are chosen to withdraw.

    So its a conspiracy against individuals within the party.

  • 19 May 2006 04:08:57 GMT


    In that case, shall we call him Dr Gaot???



  • 19 May 2006 14:32:48 GMT


    [Elephant - testecals = Spectacals

    Yeah.. I am waiting for my `admirers` to come and honour me with `foul mouth, uncivilized, under educated etc etc...]

    Oh come on man. Where is the fun in this website if people dont say stuff like this? That was a good joke by the way.

    For the ammount we bash Mahinda, its only fair that you get a chance to say something like this.

    It is when you try to discredit educated people, I will come to `honour` you.

  • 21 May 2006 00:33:07 GMT

    Our friend Pera wrote:

    [Elephant - testecals = Spectacals



    The elephant with out the Testicles crushed the Buffalo with out the Testicles :) :) :)......

    You know what the CMC election results go to show pera???

    You can fool all people some time and some people all the time, but you can never ever fool all the people all the time :) :)

    The Buffalo lost its testicles, soon after the elections. All his big `retoric` vanished and he turned into a P*ssy, on the face of the LTTE.

    Now we have a Buffalo roaming around the country with out his testicles :) :). Since you are soo eager to jump at any given opportunity and `bend over` in front of the Buffalo - why dont you give IT yours?????? :) :) :)

  • 21 May 2006 00:58:15 GMT

    The modern day UNP stand for;

    [UNP = Useless National Party]

    Ranil or Karu does not make a difference.

    Patrick De Silva of Maradana

  • 21 May 2006 01:20:23 GMT

    Patrick I`ve told you this before very clearly, `PACHA GAHANNA EPA`.