Forces must prepare for any eventuality: military

  • 14 May 2006 01:54:21 GMT

    Though the navy says an explosive packed suicide Tiger boat rammed into a navy ship other sources dispute it.

    At this point of time a desperate government in Colombo contacted New Delhi urgently. Indian assistance was requested to rescue the ship from LTTE clutches and escort it to KKS or Trincomalee. According to informed diplomatic sources India was prepared to provide security to Galle but not to Trincomalee or KKS because of possible conflict. New Delhi while ready to help Colombo out was not ready to risk its personnel or get dragged into unnecessary confrontation.

    By this time the personnel carrier had reached international waters. An Indian coast guard vessel was looming on the horizon. The Lanka Air Force was inflicting damage. Norway and the SLMM was exerting strong pressure. So the LTTE called off the operation and Sea Tiger boats returned to base in Mullaitivu.

    The personnel carrier then reached Indian waters and remained at sea for a while. Meanwhile Colombo had started reprisal bombing and shelling on LTTE controlled areas in the north and east. It appeared that Tiger fighting was over for the day. The SLMM also obtained guarantees from the LTTE that the Pearl Cruiser will not be targeted when returning.

    The personnel carrier then reached Trincomalee during night. Thereafter the ship proceeded with additional ceasefire monitors on board towards KKS. The Tigers had assured the SLMM that it would not be harmed. It reached KKS in the early hours of 12th morning.

  • 14 May 2006 03:46:26 GMT

    It looks ike only the civillians are not prepared for any eventuality. The LTTE never stopped preparing, the SLG started soon after the pansy Rani(l)`s sick honeymoon, India always maintained a vigilance, other nations have also been aware of where this is most likely to go.

    There were no surprises to anyone in the world, other than for the Sri Lankan civillians themselves in these unfolding events.

  • 14 May 2006 18:26:16 GMT

    It is the country`s right to defend it self,thus preparing it`s arm forces as the tigers to have been preparing themselves over the years.They the tigers and gsol must realize that they can`t win their battles by going to war,but if the terrorists unleash their terror on the state,then there should be a firm retaliation,and that`s fair.

  • 14 May 2006 23:33:59 GMT

    India and the so -called international community has done enough damage...Soleheim the Nazi(being a neighbour of Germany) wanted Akashi the `Ah-So` continue the destruction

    All because a low cast school drop out has an inferiority complex...Its not about Tamil people....Idiots in the International community belived 1950s and 1960s life styles portrayed by Tamils who left SL in 1983 and afterwards....They all became well off refugees in other countries and started being `kool` by funding LTTE, although now most expatriate Tamils like to deny their stupidity...When they return to SL on holidays they want to stay in Colombo, why dont they settle in Jaffna...

    If they go on like that, there will be a repeat of 1983 by Sinhala extremists...