Ravi K: Didn`t we say so?

  • 10 May 2006 03:57:35 GMT

    Dear Sinhalease,

    Even the most hard enemies of LTTE like, Karuna , Ananda Sangary, Duglas Devana ask for one common thing.

    Powers to be given to tamil community living areas on an irrevocable basis.

    Lets first give them that assurance.Lets tell tamils that we are ready to give powers on an irrevocable basis.

    when that is done if we still have to beat LTTE by war.


  • 10 May 2006 04:31:52 GMT

    What UNP were doing is a MAD, mutually agreed distruction with LTTE. UNP tell them we will give everything you ask, but it South during we are in power. Kill asmuch Tamil leaders or Sinhala leaders you like but not large sacle attck. But people did not want it. Mahinda on the right track.

  • 10 May 2006 04:55:30 GMT

    Ravi K moda gon naambo,

    What the people expect from the main opposition party is not just to criticize but to provide an alternative solution to the problems. It is stupid asking why JVP does not protest when the prices are high. As far as I know UNP is a market friendly liberal political party so it is your duty to explain to people the realities in the market economy rather than asking stupid questions like this.

    If you ever dream of coming to power;

    (a) listen to people,

    (b) design solutions to their problems

    (c) restructure the party and present your solution to the people

    As long as you maintain a gap between you and people and do not take any solid action to address people`s problems nobody is going to vote for you to power.

    Get down from your ivory towers and start working.

  • 10 May 2006 05:23:03 GMT


    I agree that not only Tamils, but also Sinhalese and Muslims should be given power if they need. But the point is what kind of special power do they need and other minorities do not need? Are you suggesting a reservations that exists in India for backward communities? If Tamil community is backward and can not compete on equal basis, then they need special privileges to accommodate them in the society. Otherwise, there is no need to grant them any special privileges, because this leads the Sri Lankan society into further divisions.

  • 10 May 2006 05:36:55 GMT

    Mr Ravi K,

    Your party colleague Mr Hemakumara Nanayakkara sings a different song. In fact the grass root level UNP supporters are with People like Mt Hemakumara.

    The ordinary UNPens have realised that they must get votes from Sri Lankans, before playing according to the International community tunes!

    Perhaps in near future, you will be the one to leave UNP.



  • 10 May 2006 06:17:02 GMT

    Y must ravi get ready to go to the front line?

  • 10 May 2006 06:32:22 GMT

    Yeah, the front line is already their; blank. So fill the blanks with the Reds and the Robes. As of now its not their mothers who would suffer. Who cares attitude?.

  • 10 May 2006 08:24:39 GMT

    Actually, i feel , that main parties critisising govn were JVP, when they were not in power. at least in here ravi told they will support GvN.

    did you hear any supporting word from JVPn when they were not power.

    I feel JVP surface thinker, no deep thinking. call always to heart not for the Mind.

  • 10 May 2006 08:46:18 GMT

    Killing started when UNP was on power. Then they could do nothing.

  • 10 May 2006 08:46:53 GMT


    The opposition is ready to support the government on the ethnic issue but Maa-hinder cannot take the decision as he is a puppet pulled by the JVP strings. He want to have the cake and eat the cake as well. Maa-hinder does not have clear cut policy but an achaaru policy with the Reds who are incidentally routed in the local polls. He says something and does something; he broods for war without a war chest; cannot paddy the farmers, cannot oil the economy; and bathala mayyokka is also in short supply and no cowdung too cos the buffaloes are poorly fed now.