LTTE to put down arms for SAG

  • 8 May 2006 22:11:55 GMT

    LTTE is sending its own crack sports teams to particpipate in unique indegenous national sports; johny batta jumping, granade throwing, suicide bombing, child abducting.

    The LTTE team is assured of victory in all events, due to the lack of competitors.

  • 8 May 2006 22:19:52 GMT

    LTTE does not do anything unless it is profitable?

    So, what is it ?.

  • 8 May 2006 22:21:10 GMT


    Opening ceremony will be host by the LTTE.

    No firecrackers this time, only mines and grenades.

    Thank you PAPA !

  • 8 May 2006 22:36:30 GMT


    LTTE always has a dream. Do not know how to achieve.


    1. Need International support: Killed several civilians

    2. Need to have good future: Trained kids for army

    3. Wanted to talk to their counter part: requested the biggest war plane


  • 8 May 2006 23:21:03 GMT

    Mr Moderator:

    [ Unrestricted access to LTTE has resulted in random killings- Sangaree ]


    The above is a good article, from Daily news to be uploaded, if you could please.

  • 9 May 2006 01:25:30 GMT

    Sports brings everyone together!

    Let me see a smile on AnuD.

    Kumari--I think you should relax!! lolz

    Let us all Carry the sri lankan flag at the GAMES.

    NO Politics in SPORTS pls.

  • 9 May 2006 02:59:27 GMT

    This is in reply to Athos` are young Tamils aware of Mr. Prabhakaran`s antecedents.

    The Author, Athos, try to give an impression that he is a Tamil [We elderly Tamils know that Prabhakaran was born]

    He tore his own mask later [Therefore are we to conclude that Tamils by and large though very hard working, are an extremely unintelligent race`] thus proving he is not a Tamil.

    He must have thought if it looked like a Tamil wrote this then it would score. Poor Athos! Mask was torn by his own doing!

    Any body can write up any BS about anyone. But what is the truth?

    True, Mr. Prabhakaran hails from Valvetiturai. About his uncle hitler Kandasamy I don`t know. Possibly true, because Mr. VP too is very inteligent and have out smarted SL and Indian Intelligent Agencies, leaders such as RP, Rajiv, Ranil and now MR. He has out smarted SL military generals.

    Anything else in this article is pure spin of Athos nationalist chauvinist prejudice.

    1n 1970, when the standardization was introduced by Srimavo govt, there was a mass protest march against the standardization sponsored by Tamil Student League. This student organization was lead by P. Sathiyaseelan, Ariyaratnam and Late Maaveeran P. Sivakumaran. The first two were graduates from Peredeniya university and the third was a tamil activist who later, to avoid capturing, introduced carrying cyanade. Mr. Prabhakaran was a young student in the GCE O/L when he joined the TSL. He was just 16. He was called Thambi - dut to his young age. As most of the Sinhalese believe he is not a drop our of 8th standard. This is the truth what you may believe or propaganda. All the Tamils including the youngest ones know this. It is on record in his biographies. The standardization heavily affected the Tamil students of the seventies. Mr. Prabhakaran is not a drop out, but he was made to drop out of higher education like thousands of other Tamil students. (I Know, several of the First Elamists are such.)

    No Tamil believes that Mr. VP is God. But they rever him for how he has aroused the Tamils. Back in seventies, all called him Thambi - He was the youngest in TSL. Nowadays, all young cadres refer to him as Annai - Elder brother. Those elder to him and of his age refer to him as The Leader. US presidents are referred in certain circles as The Man.

    MR. Prabhakaran was an active member of the TSL. TSL mainly staged non violent protests in the NE against first the Standardization, then against the new constitution introduced in 1972. On March 9th, 1973, Dr. N.M. Perera, the then finance minister was going to visit Jaffna. TSL was very active in organizing a black flag hoisting protest. To avoid any embarassment to the minister, the police arrested 42 active student organizers of the TSL on same morning between 0400-0800hrs. Prabhakaran was also one to be arrested. Quick thinking, he outwitted the the CID (4th floor) group headed by notorious late. Bastianpillai. Alfred Duraiappah, Mayor of Jaffna and SLFP organizer prepared this list for arrest. Those who were arrested were tortured and made to sign prepared statements by Bastianpillai group and were kept incommunicad till 1975.

    VP absconded. And went to India, where so many of his villagers conducted business, mostly smuggling. He tried to get into colleges for his further studies. Without proper student visa and mainly having no certificates with him (as a fugitive) he could not.

    He boiled that his future was spoiled. He boiled that his colleagues? future has was wasted by Duraiappah and Bastianpillai group. This made him to decide to take to weapon The GOSL turned a meek youngster into a giant warrior. Durraiappah and Bastianpillai group became candidates for elimination.

  • 9 May 2006 03:05:53 GMT

    [Former Asian Games gold medal winning high jumper Nagalingam Ethirweerasingham, who has been using sports as a means to build a bridge between North and East and South, assured that one could rely on Papa`s words.]

    Strange! for a change, it look likes SL want to believe a Tamil vouching for LTTE.

    Thank god, they didn`t call Mr. Ethirweerasingham a LTTEer.

  • 9 May 2006 03:48:41 GMT

    We talk about srilankan politicians:

    very smart politicians in the world, if they did not create a system that could send sinhalease to the university with 35 marks and for the tamils with 95 marks where would be all of you now.

    luckily piraba not there, if the dummy can do all to u, can you believe if the real there where you are.

    u sinhalease did not elect the Rajapakse, piraba decided him to be there by stopping all the tamil votes which suppose to be on wick side. because he wanted a dum come to power.

    piraba decided who win the election in india too. you know how, I hope you have enough over your shoulders.

    piraba not need to meet agasi, because he needs nothing from agasi like you needed. we all the tamils are with him, so he not need to kiss all the diplomats ass like your politicians do.

    we tamils shown you how to form a government at the first election after the British left, so go on your knee and say thank you tamils.

  • 9 May 2006 04:04:28 GMT


    [That is true you HOMO i aint no tamil.]

    Why do you lose your tempo?

    Can`t you write normal respecting a person as a person?

    do you have to call names?

    see what happens to a Tamil, when he tries to speak up.

    Para Themalo, Themala ballo and now Homo?

    This is how Prabhakarans are created relentlessly!!

    Keep it up.

    soup is cooking. get ready for supper!