Women intellectuals deplore LTTE use of pregnant women as suicide bombers

  • 3 May 2006 02:31:59 GMT

    Yesterday Australian SBS showed `No More Teers Sister`. The film made in Canada NFB. That was only a glimpse of the true picture of LTTE. It was a gruesome picture of how the Tamil elite was suppressed by LTTE. Today UTHR of Jaffna still voicing the cases of many Rajani`s of Jaffna.

    One should ask after so many killing and the lives of so many Tamils - many are children and women - where is the promised land?

  • 3 May 2006 04:09:00 GMT

    Where were you my dear women intellectuals all these years? Only got up from sleep recently!

    Low birth weight?in the North:

    ?Insufficient maternal nutritious food

    ?Lack of antenatal care

    ?High level of stress during pregnancy

    ? a baby who has not achieved full birth weight potential may also have not reached full brain development potential?.

    Infant Mortality Rate (IMR)?.

    In the Northern Districts

    ?1983: 17 per 1000 live births

    ?1985: 40 per 1000 live births

    ?1987-1990: There was improvement during IPKF period

    ?1990 onwards condition deteriorated

    Children affected by the war?

    Wanni in the N&E

    ?44.4% wasted due to malnutrition

    ?37% stunted due to chronic malnutrition

    ?68.5% underweight

    Suicides in some of the camps for displaced people has reached an alarming 103.5% per 10,000

    The data in the community 37.5% per 10,000

    Sri Lanka registers one of the highest rates of suicide in the world!

  • 3 May 2006 04:46:36 GMT

    ***`No More Tears Sister`.

    It was an eye-opener from Rajan`s family...but like Beesan says, who knows the truth. However who else other than the LTTE would have killed Rajani anyways!


  • 3 May 2006 04:47:46 GMT

    Btw was this suicide terrorist really pregnant? If she was, then what the hell was she thinking about the baby? She herself is responsible for her own atrocities!

    Cos even though Im against terrorists, I don`t think anyone is forced into being a suicide bomber...you choose your destiny.


  • 3 May 2006 04:52:55 GMT

    We are deeply concerned about this recent turn of events where the degradation of life has taken on deplorable new depths.

    All human societies across time and cultures share some cherished values. Caring for the very young and the future generations have always been a priority. The use of a pregnant woman to carry out the recent suicide attack leads one to seriously question the ethical and moral basis of the separatist struggle of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). The utter disregard to human life has taken on new heights in this recent act of violence. How can any society liberate itself when it fails to protect the most vulnerable of our society? Using child soldiers on a routine basis, ethnic cleansing of Muslim minorities in Tamil areas, mass killings of all suspected political dissidents are some of the blatant human rights violations committed by the LTTE in the name of liberation.

    The human rights community should fully investigate the recent suicide killing by the pregnant woman. Was she made to get pregnant for this covert operation? Or, was she chosen for this mission as a punishment for getting pregnant by the LTTE which views relationships between men and women within its organization as deplorable? Or, even worse, did she get pregnant by one of her superiors and was gotten rid of in this manner. The true situation should be brought to light and the gender violence implicit in this act should be exposed and the people responsible for this cowardly act should be shamed.

    These dastardly acts should be seen as a rejection of all international conventions of basic human rights and decency. International community should close ranks and condemn these senseless and brutal acts of violence perpetrated by the LTTE.

  • 3 May 2006 04:53:41 GMT

    I watched ?NO MORE TEARS SISTER? in the SBS and was very disturbed. I had mixed emotions, how a young woman who was impulsive, emotional and with some philosophy ruined herself, her family and her very life. I felt very sorry for the husband who was dragged into the vortex of violence. Leave the right and wrong of what had been discussed, especially by Mrs. Nithiyanandan , the whole episode was a tragedy, a very touchy drama in real life. Unfortunately the ladies were expecting the impossible based on theory without much understanding of the ground reality. Theory often does not work unless combined with reality.

    The whole thing is a human tragedy but then who is at fault, who created such a situation? Obviously Rajani was too impulsive, honest and over enthusiastic in her expectations. Even the way she handled her marriage and kids is a proof of her impulsive and at time irrational behavior, partly because she was young and perhaps due to the environment in which she was brought up. I feel that her home background was too sophisticated for her to take this path and thus quickly got disillusioned as she lacked experience and exposure.

    Over all it is a tragedy and war always ends in tragedies. But I feel that Nirmala may have controlled her personal opinions to a minimum and the husband of Rajani was too sincere in expressing his personal tragedy. Certainly I felt much more for Dhanapala than the others, who were too much a feminist that may not work in SL at the present moment. One can imagine the situation where a militant group confronts mighty armies. However, in nutshell I was terribly saddened by the whole thing, no doubt about that.

    The commentary was by the award winning author Michael Ondachee, a SL Burgher, who presently lives in Toronto. He won the prize for the award winning film `English Patient` ( His story) a few years ago and his later award winning book `Anil`s Ghost`, based on the JVP insurrection.

  • 3 May 2006 05:00:22 GMT

    I also felt for Danapala and hhis children. With his wife being not loyal to him according to the circumstances he remained loyal to his wife and chidren to this day. She has nearly brought her hausband`s and chidren`s life to tragic end by her actions. This is a good lesson to all who thinks these mass murderers who thinks only about themselves and their families are heros. This is inbred casteism in Tamil society. Leaders of LTTE can dispense the lives of poor Tamils for thier and their families` gains.

  • 3 May 2006 05:17:56 GMT


    [I feel that her home background was too sophisticated for her to take this path and thus quickly got disillusioned as she lacked experience and exposure.]

    I agree. Rajani comes across as a person who sought Independence as an individual. Such people get wasted in the collective bargaining system.



  • 3 May 2006 05:39:51 GMT

    An interesting news item:

    [Reports on suicide bomber all canards

    (May 2, 6.30 pm) Any significant information regarding the suicide bomber who carried out the attack on Army Commander Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka has still not been unraveled, an officer of the investigating told `Lanka e News`

    When questioned whether media disclosures that the suicide bomber had been identified as Anoja Kuganeththi of Puwarasakulam, Vavuniya, he asked as to how such a conclusion could be made when investigating teams are still to find any one who had seen the suicide bomber.

    Even though the media reported she had been pregnant and she had sought treatment at the maternity clinic on several previous occasions, the CID has not received any document to prove this, he further noted.

    The CID is currently probing whether there is anyone who had seen the suspected bomber among the doctors serving at the Army Hospital, he claimed while adding though there had been wide spread reports that the bombe was taking over a mobile phone, investigators are yet to come across any one who had seen her talking over the phone.

    He further said that it is a question as to how the woman gained entry to the army hospital. He said the investigating teams are probing whether she had been assisted by someone to gain access to the military hospital premises as ordinary civilians, civilians employed in the Army Hospital, patients, visitors, army officers, officers arriving in vehicles and those entering in vehicles that are not searched in the checkpoint can gain entry to the hospital premises.]

    Looks like all the media reports about the suicide bomber are `athe-roles`. I wonder why nobody asked how her ID card survived when her whole body got blasted into pieces. And who will take the correct ID card for a mission like this?

    Bottom line is we do not even know who she was, let alone whether she was pregnant or not.

    Conclusion: We have very intelligent women intellectuals in Colombo.

  • 3 May 2006 06:13:24 GMT

    *** This is a good lesson to all who thinks these mass murderers who thinks only about themselves and their families are heros.

    yes...that`s what the LTTE are...it`s either their way or NO WAY at all! What a bunch of blood thristy beasts and now who would like them to run a government?