SLMM better off monitoring moonshine production: JVP

  • 1 May 2006 15:52:22 GMT

    JVP is spot on this case as SLMM has not understood the fact how a government in a right mind could close it`s eyes and wait till LTTE or any other terror group come and do things as and when they want and feel like. SLMM is only monitoring the acts of the Government not the LTTE activity that is making peoples lives so difficult. Why are they only questioning the acts of the government when trying to protect the nation.

  • 1 May 2006 16:16:25 GMT

    These JVP fellows are amazing! They did not want the CFA or the slamon-eating Norwegians.

    So rather than shouting, why not `kick them out` as promised?

    After all even the Chintanaya says the CFA is to be amended and new `facilitators` why not do so without simply talking?

    Well, these are the modern day Kata Gemunus, all talk while pretending to be like Dutu Gemunu. Then the moment there is a problem they run and hide behind the Queen`s skirts in the UK.