Fresh amnesty for Army deserters

  • 27 Apr 2006 08:37:01 GMT

    What do you need this amnesty for?

    All what we need is a proper leadership, a political

    will & right decitions made at the right time

    to eradicate terrorism from the face of SL

    if there is no other way to settle this problem


    There will be thousands, if not millions to fight

    the Wanni butchers queuing-up to join Army like

    you saw yesterday in Trinco.

    There will be women queuing up to donate their

    jewelleries, belongings to fund the GOV efforts

    to put an end to terrorism in our land.

    LTTE lost baberians, that day is not

    too far if you push your luck so hard.


  • 27 Apr 2006 14:04:45 GMT


    That short of personnel...?

  • 28 Apr 2006 01:40:19 GMT

    The Jane`s Defence Weekly had an article evaluating the strength of the LTTE and the SLA. It stated that accurate figures for the SLA was difficult as the rate of desertion was around 70%! This was before the CFA. I guess it will go back to that or has gone back to that...hence the amnesty:)