Two Lankans jailed for abusing Danish girl

  • 20 Apr 2006 22:26:28 GMT

    Poor 10 year old child, one must not tolerate this type of uncivilised behaviour.

  • 20 Apr 2006 22:31:12 GMT

    The pimp father`s argument at the court was: `I grew it so I will harvest it, who are you to ask`. The judges accepted his argument and withdrew the charges against him.

  • 21 Apr 2006 05:56:52 GMT

    Disgrace to humanity. I don`t blame Tamils who participated but that inhuman father who should be given Saudi type punishment.

  • 21 Apr 2006 06:04:00 GMT

    The two are ltte suppoters according to some news reports...

    wonder whether this is the abuse the childsoildgers get....?

    ltte days are gone in the civilised west...

  • 21 Apr 2006 06:17:34 GMT

    There is no point going overboard to generalise this behavious as the norm of all Tamils. However, if we can make this count to ban Animals in Denmark, that cannot be a bad idea.



  • 21 Apr 2006 07:11:05 GMT


    [Mr Brown, Do not publish disgusting news like this here.]

    Looks like you want hear only non-disgusting news items like following:

    * Five die in a claymore bomb attack

    * Highest ever SCAM in the South Asia

    * Minister takes money cheating people with issuing visa for Alaska

    * Petrol/diesel prices increase by Rs. 8

  • 21 Apr 2006 07:17:37 GMT


    what about all the sri lankans in the country who abuse children and sell their children to be abused (in the coastal areas)?? it`s very rarely that these criminals get what they deserve.

  • 21 Apr 2006 07:26:52 GMT


    The sad truth is most of the times the abuses happen in the form of incest. In other words it is the parents / grand parents / uncles / elder brothers and cousins who molest the children.

    A child who encounters such incident is totally helpless. If it is an outsider he/she can complaint to the parents or authorities. If it is his/her own father / grand father / uncle etc, they have nobody to ask for help...

  • 21 Apr 2006 07:50:01 GMT


    Agree. I have personally come across children who have been intimacyually molested by their fathers/uncles-and sometimes they come from in rich and powerful families in Colombo.

    I am not well versed about how the sri lankan law (at least on paper) treats these criminals. But they don`t seem to be punished-and as you say, children often internalize a misplaced sense of shame and guilt over abuse, and keep quiet. I feel the child protection authority is not doing enough!

  • 21 Apr 2006 08:11:06 GMT


    What I said was most of the other news items too are as disgusting as this one.