What happened to crucial VAT docs?

  • 19 Apr 2006 09:36:51 GMT

    The papers were taken to the toilet due to shortage in toilet papers. Aththa neththa keralaa paththarin passa piyadathi. Mugey ammage anduwak ney.

  • 19 Apr 2006 19:29:55 GMT

    Haney haney,

    owa ithing lankawe hamadama wena dewal neda.

    ithing hama ekatama commiss thiyanawa neda.

    ithing hora horawa allan naha neda.

    ane neda.

    helping hambantoata wage neda.

  • 20 Apr 2006 01:33:31 GMT

    This VAT money is peoples money. Therefore these culprits should be brought to court. This can only be done by helping CID to continue their investigation inpartially.

  • 20 Apr 2006 12:13:23 GMT

    Helping CID for what? they are doing this for personal rewards and promotions, not for country`s sake. One of these days they will get their rewards and erase/hide the files, to hell with peoples money, thats CID policy